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BMW Vision M Next: Will the i8 successor be a Hypercar?

BMW presents the study Vision M Next in June 2019. Like Next, which aims to show the future's autonomous driving, M Next gives an overview of how BMW thought about the sporty self-driving of the future.

B MW talks about using traditional branding requirements "The new age of driving pleasure". The first teasers at M Next come from the photographer Thomas Demand, who made pictures of details about the concept car. The shot is actually very abstract, but if it is not wrong, especially indicates a shot of the C-pillar, which is also the future design in the tradition of several brand idols. You can recognize lines reminiscent of i8, but also corners pointing to the legendary mid-engine sports car M1


M GmbH dreams of the hypercar

The latest sports car study BMW has introduced appropriately 10 years ago: At the IAA 2009, the concept car BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics was the harbinger of i8, which debuted as a production vehicle in 2013.

According to Rumors or just wishes from fans of the brand, BMW has been working for a further development of I8, while BMW M GmbH has been around for quite some time in the design of a super sports car with low emissions and high performance should be interested.

After i8 five years ago as a hybrid athlete with a relatively modest 3-cylinder petrol engine went to the first customers, there were persistent rumors that BMW is working on a minimum four-cylinder power version of i8 – together with the electric support, one should drop 500 horsepower, in the room was also a sports car, which would cost around 700 hp system performance around 150,000 euros. Both would be modest considering the competition from Aston Martin Valkyrie, Mercedes-AMG One or Ferrari SF90 with 1000 hp and more.

Electric power is the new Sporty

But after BMW considered the hybrid in time 10 years ago, the Future Vision of a BMW sports car must become a pure electric car à la Lotus 130. According to BMW, the focus on Vision M Next is on sporty driving and on the driver, which becomes the "ultimate driver" with intelligent technologies. Design and technology intensify the desired driving experience and thanks to the "Boost" function, corresponding dynamics.

It is well conceivable that the dynamics also come from the new possibilities of torque vectoring in the drive unit. Due to the lightning-fast force shift of multiple electric motors to individual wheels, the steering speed of electronic driving stability systems such as ESP increases enormously and provides much more agility and higher turning speeds.

The optics can only be speculated in view of the rather abstract teasers. But some of the photographs suggest proportions such as i8 or a series of classic medium-sized sports cars like Ferrari 488 or Lamborghini Hurcan.

Design lines for M Next: BMW Vision and Homage Concept Cars

  BMW Vision M Next


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This detail photo of M-Next will probably show the C-pillar and it flat roof.


The voices that say that BMW needs a real sports car are many. But the views on what a real sports car is today are equally different. When looking at the distant future, helplessness is likely to set many places. No matter what or how M Next will be: When it comes to the vision of "joy to drive" it is likely that there are many different perspectives.

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