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Bloody Harvest in Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software has unveiled the Halloween event "Bloody Harvest" for "Borderlands 3", which will take place in October 2019.

During a livestream (see video), Gearbox Software created the Halloween event "Bloody Harvest" for "Borderlands 3" revealed. The event, which will take place in October 2019, marks the beginning of the major content plan. More free updates and events will follow.

As for Bloody Harvest, it says: "Chamber hunters who have left Pandora for the first time to explore the huge space aboard Sanctuary III will meet during the event scary enemies across the galaxy are key to unlocking a new map for the event, but watch out ̵

1; ghosts that rise from defeated ghost-like opponents will do their best to scare you to death When one of these aggressive phenomena comes into contact, the new horror trap that mysteriously hides your vision and weakens your weapon management , accuracy and dissemination. When exploring the ghost-infected galaxy, you deserve hexoplasm. You can pass this on to your new scaly friend Maurice, who has boarded Sanctuary III. "

" If you have access to Caution, take a bloody harvest card: terrible dangers lurk in every corner. In the gloomy sky you see accelerated Rakk-lantern s hovering in the air, just waiting to fall and letting you feel their fire breathe. Carefully walk across a dark cemetery, for the Maliwan tows who are lurking here have reserved a grave for you. And resist nausea as you fight through a pit of races where blood has already formed rivers, "

In the end, of course, there is a boss fight:" If you survive the unpleasant battles, you will eventually meet Baron of the Bloody Harvest in person. If you've been brave on the many planets in Borderland's 3 Story Campaign, you may remember meeting Captain Traunt, a colossally heavy Maliwan soldier who has mastered deadly elemental attacks. He has now returned as Captain Haunt, but a little legged and with frightening new powers. Anyone who dares to enter this monstrous boss's kingdom with the skull should prepare for a hell of a fight. "

And you can earn rewards:" Bloody harvest is of course the perfect opportunity for some nice costumes, and it will also give you some new cosmetic rewards during the event. If you commit to destroying Undead, you can give your collection an ECHO Device Skin, a Weapon Trinket, a Skin for each of the four chambered Hunters (which also includes Moses's Iron Bear and FL4K & # 39; s Animals), and a Global Weapon -Skin add. In addition, there is a new legendary boot to grab, including two weapons and a shield with the new horror mechanics and a grenade mode. The ghostly opponents, ghosts and Captain Haunt release new lubricated prey with a chance at horror based modifiers. "

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