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Blocking to Andreas Glarner's Handy-Terror: "He has no cousin"

"He's got no wrong" – says Christoph Blocher in SVP-Glarner's Handy-Terror

In the following Followed by teleblocks, the Alt-Bundesrat de Meinung, nicht aber das Verhalten des SVP-Nationalrates, ends: Andreas Glarner disrupted sadly, that Muslim children and celebrations get free. The attack on which Lehrerin was attacked

Jocelyn Daloz / ch media

In the background, the Benedictine monastery Rheinau, the all-Bundesrat and business man Christoph Blocher occupies and says five years as Hotel enters. Ihm gives the madam Matthias Ackeret interviewed by some 600 followers and 1

2 years of voluptuous speech. Last week, Glarner hated that a diet from Dietikon's Muslim scholars and pupils wanted to be free in the last day of Ramadan's untimely joker. It acts in conformity with the law of debt. While clearing or requesting information, Glarner interpreted this as an inaccessible initiative of the Lehrerin.

They publicly disclose their private phone numbers to Facebook and demanded their followers, to hear and listen to their concerns. Was Protective as well. The following media reviews with criticism from their own sources also led the SVP-Nationalrat to apologize. If the Aargauer SVP Party Spits distances itself from this relationship,

"He is on the lead»

Altogether, Bundesrat Christoph Blocher succumbs to: "There was a little mistaken, is clear. The good thing to do with it, and it has excused itself. "Overtheartedly he defends Glarner's face:" Having come to the ground he has no coincidence. I also find that one has to set boundaries. Muslims can stay here and wear their Glauben. These mice are subject to state regulations and are subject to rules: When school is, school is school. If you want to breed in a religious celebration, then you should have some mice. ”Deswegen cheaply he cousins ​​the Facebook action of Andreas Glarner. «He is loose on the Lehrerin, he is not in Ordnung. You can do nothing, will that legal order applaud with the free tag. "

" It was a mistake ": Andreas Glarner bites diffused Lehrerin from the charge

Video: © Tele Züri

Da will Ackeret erase, if one of them falls under the party's block of blocks. "I do not hesitate, who disregarded this situation." The party resident should also have spoken to Glarner no later. «Yes, yes, not my responsibility. Having said that, it is said Nationalrat. It is only kindergarten. »

At the end of the discussion, we need to block the media, which are called up:« The story is indeed forty. If the press is nice, yes, it is clear that the SVP is. It is likely that he will harm the party or the party. ”

There Glarner's fall in" Talking about ":

" I beg the Lehrerin to apologize, I guess we are really guilty! " Eklat provoziert, om davon zu profit? Is it possible to get a debt? Video: © CH Media Video Unit / TalkTäglich

The SVP attack the crisis

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