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Blick reader pays buses from newspaper messenger Ivan Richner

Ivan Richner (48) distributes newspapers to earn a small amount of money. Because he had traveled at night when he delivered a sidewalk, he would have to pay 200 Francs. Readers Sanjee Sathasivam (27) and his colleagues will take over.

Ivan Richner (48) from Hear ZH must turn every cent twice chicken. That's why he stands up six times a week at three in the morning to distribute newspapers. This gives him a slight increase to the revenue he earns from his takeaway. As he had traveled at night while distributing the newspapers a sidewalk, he had to pay 200 francs. For Richner lots of money: "If you convert it, I spent a week for free newspapers being distributed."

In the comments to the article on BLICK Bus's nonsense pours the argument for Richner. Reader Sanjee Sathasivam, 27, from Studen BE, reports to the editors: "My employees and I will pay the bills."

LOOK-readers get angry at Amtsschimmel

When Sathasivam read the article about Richner, he couldn't believe it. "I think it's a joke that someone who works so hard gets punished for a little bit," he says to LOOK.

His co-workers and he immediately agreed: They will help Richner. Because: "Every morning, when we get to work, the papers are already there. All entrepreneurs do a good job – in wind and weather. We really appreciate it," says Sathasivam.

Sathasivam was the first to report to the editor – but Many readers agreed to pay Richner's buses.

Agent stirred with so much sympathy

LOOK contacted Richner to tell him the good news. First, it almost took the language: "I was never worried about that someone is paying the buses for me. "He had gone to the principle, so finally something is done. Still, Richner is very pleased with the financial support:" I sincerely thank Mr Sathasivam. I wouldn't have expected it. "Richner now hopes he will be saved from the nonsense buses.

This camera sees everything

Ivan Richner (48) was captured on the field road in Bülach ZH by a traffic surveillance camera. For Bülhach's GLP City Council Daniel Wülser, the 200 francs are therefore an absurdity, and in his opinion Richner had only "bad luck" because his sign was visible. "When a cyclist runs on the pavement, nothing happens to him. It is arbitrary, "the city council says.

In fact, the camera does not capture bicycles." The camera responds to signs on the move, "says Atilla Uysal from Stadtpolizei Bülach zu Blick, and then shoots a photo, which is then transferred to the police. Officials would then handle the recordings administratively and "in the event of violations, issue regular order buses," says Uysal. Wülser has no understanding of this: "The new camera on Feldstrasse in Bülach-Süd is for fallable PW drivers, but certainly not for such triviality! "

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