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Bitcoin "will never reach US $ 50,000"

Bitcoin (BTC) never climbed up to 50,000 US dollars, as claimed by gold buyer and crypto skeptic Peter Schiff in his latest attack on the world's largest cryptocurrency.

"This is hysterical".

In one [194559003] ] Discussion in the Social Networks on August 20 soft ship, known for its criticism of bitcoin, announced that gold would reach $ 5,000 in future in future.

Ship discussed with Joe Kernen, the CNBC moderator who recently interviewed Bitcoin supporter Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano, who frequently made fun of ship.

"Before the 2008 financial crisis, if I was still on CNBC, Joe criticized my advice to buy gold. False, if he was so optimistic about gold and he was wrong when he was optimistic about Bitcoin right now! " so ship.

Kernels reminded ship to join and predicted that gold would come to $ 5,000. This has not yet been fulfilled. Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors and another CNBC regular guest, has sounded out in the conversation and described the gold forecast as "hysterical."

"Gold will eventually reach US $ 5,000. Bitcoin will be worth US $ 50,000. Reaching the Dollar. "

The confirmed vessel, which stated that the BTC / USD pair that Lee's forecasted levels would not reach.

" My gold forecast was much closer to reality than your Bitcoin forecast. Gold will eventually come to $ 5,000. Bitcoin will never reach $ 50,000, "he wrote.

On Twitter, users talk about the relative irony of Schiff's pessimism, since he owns Bitcoin and accepts payments for his gold business .

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