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Big Loser Wellauer becomes chairman of the Big Six

Thomas Wellauer retires. Thought recently. Now comes Six, this large and central stock exchange company in Switzerland and announces: Wellauer for President.

Thanks. The man with the curriculum for an economic scraper celebrates a comeback of the XXL class. Jump from the sink to the top of Helvetian's financial center.

How is that possible? It is easy:
Must have the right friends.

At Wellauer is Walter Kielholz and the managers of Big Pharma. They always helped Zurich on its feet when lying on the ground.

That was the case a few times. Wellauer belonged to the linen crew of Lukas Mühlemann. In the early 1990s, he led the Swiss relocation of the famed controversial McKinsey consulting firm.

From there, Mühlemann made the leap
directly in Olymp. He became CEO of Swiss Re. It was still called then
Swiss Re and also had primary insurance. Mühlemann, the whole McKinsey man, saw exactly this in his opportunity. He split this primary insurance under the name Elvia and made big cash with her.

Shares in Swiss Re went
through the roof, CEO Mühlemann was the new star. It should be
to pay quickly

Like 1

996 in the CS power struggle Josef
Ackermann pulled the short straw, President Rainer Gut needed one
Successor. Muhlemann.

Also there: The share, now CS, manufactured
a jump. Over 10 percent is added to the title bank multinational
Mühlemann's announcement as new CEO.

In 1997, the man started. With luggage:
his McKinsey colleague, Thomas Wellauer. The two wanted to join
CS started.

Instead, they steered the tanker directly into the biggest crisis since Chiasso and the billion-dollar tomb in the 1970s.

The fault was first with Rainer
Okay. He bought the Winterthur insurance on a whim.
Mühlemann did not want her. What a cow, if only a glass
Milk want?

The sorcery diminished in history.
But Gut Winterthur wanted absolutely bad connections
Raider Grosses Raiders Martin Ebner moved away.

What to do? Simply put: Allfinanz. CEO
Mühlemann and his assistant Wellauer started from CS and Winterthur
to form a multinational welded banking and insurance.

How it worked was later produced by an insider's book. "With a firm step towards the abyss" was the work and could only be shown with pseudonyms – too dangerous the former Winterthur boss seemed the real name.

Wellauer played a central role. He was responsible for the bank assurance strategy, where CS advisors would sell insurance products from Winterthur and vice versa Winterthur agents investment products from CS.

A false idea, as it soon became apparent.
But it took Oswald Grübel to clean up. Grübel is coming,
Mühlemann and his friend Wellauer had to clear the field.

It was 2002. It was the end for Mühlemann. The debacle with Swissair, where Mühlemann sat in VR, then had an epilogue in court. Today, Mühlemann enjoys life with vintage cars and cigars.

Anders Wellauer. Through short-term performance at Clariant, he was given the next top job at Basel Novartis. What he did there is not really clear. He barely left any lasting traces – at least not for outsiders.

In 2010, he returned to Zurich's financial pond. The great Walter Kielholz made it possible. Wellauer jumped into the reinsurer's management and built a memorial to his sponsor Kielholz.

It means Campus and means the new Swiss Re-headquarters on the lake, all in glass and steel. It was probably crucial. Wellauer now works on the stock exchange instead of on campus.

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