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Bedag writes a brilliant result in 2017

As in previous years, Bern earned the IT service provider a good cash in 2017. Sales fell below 100 million Swiss francs with the sale of the KiSS software.

Sales of the KiSS software to Diartis at the beginning of 2017, Bedagom's sales fall below 100 million Swiss francs. In 2017, the turnover of Bern IT provider was 90.6 million Swiss francs after 100.2 million Swiss francs. At the same time, Bedag generated a profit of eleven million francs, according to a statement. This is the second highest result in almost 30 years of corporate history, writes the IT provider, wholly owned by Bern's canton. Last year a record result was spoken.


One must know that one of the most important revenue for the cantonal company is in criticism. For example, an interpellation of the beginning of the year by the bernese government requires a declaration for the open handling of an order from the Office for Informatics and Organization of the Canton of Bern (KAIO). This is an order volume that contributed FRF 37 million for sale in 2017. In 2018 and 2019, it will be around 44 million francs per year.

Dear announces once again that in 2017 his long-term CEO Peter Schmutz was replaced by Felix Akeret. In addition, the number of students has again increased. Bedag currently employs approximately 370 people, of which 28 are in training. (VRI)

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