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Bedag s sales shrink | Netzwoche

Dear Informatics can look back on a mixed budget year 2017. Bern IT service provider showed a profit of MNOK 11 million – the second highest operating profit in the company's history, as reported by Bedag. During the previous year, the company achieved a net profit of CHF 12.3 million.

Meanwhile, sales fell to 90.6 million Swiss francs – after the company had written in 2016, it still had an annual turnover of FRF 100,2 million. According to the announcement, revenues shrank when Bedag sold his social welfare program called Kiss to Diartis. The company had sold the division as part of a consolidation strategy.

Transfer of staff after 20 years

The fiscal year 201

7 has also been exciting with regard to staff, according to the statement. Thank you, your leadership for the first time in 20 years. In September Felix Akeret took the role of CEO. He succeeds with Peter Schmutz, who retired early. Smuts worked for the company for 30 years.

Dear Informatics employs around 370 people, including 28 apprentices. The IT provider has locations in Bern, Aarau, Delémont, Lausanne and Wettingen. According to the notification, customers include, in particular, public sector customers. Bedag Informatik was founded in 1990 and belongs to Bern's canton.

On the threshold for sale

For several years, representatives of the Bern Board of Directors have discussed whether to sell the local IT service provider. Critics regret that the canton as sole shareholder in Bedag competed with private software developers. Due to this, there should be conflicts of interest in the tender.

Bedag has presented the canton with four scenarios for a future ownership strategy, the former board chairman Gregor Stücheli to "Berner Zeitung". First, there is a possibility that the company will be reintegrated to the public administration. Secondly, full privatization is possible – in this case, canton would publicly advertise all its IT contracts. A third variant would be a merger with another company. And the fourth option: a limit of third party share of sales of twenty percent.

That Bedag would come back to the administration would be unthinkable for Stücheli. And against privatization of the company, among other things, it is said that a governmental organization such as the canton must hold sovereignty over the citizens sensitive to sensitive tasks. The Bernese government council is likely to make a decision this spring, Stücheli said to Berner Zeitung.

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