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Battery Expert: "Battery Requirements Turn Off A Little"

John Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry this year. The researchers are thus awarded for their contributions in the development of lithium-ion batteries. "They created a rechargeable world," says the committee's official statement. A German battery expert was enthusiastic about honoring his colleagues, but also warned against high expectations for modern batteries.

"This is good news, I'm very excited," commented Martin Winter on the Nobel Prize for chemistry three battery researchers. Professor at MEET (Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology) in Münster, Westphalia, is one of the leading researchers in Germany for lithium-ion batteries. No other technical solution combines so many positive features at once, says Winter Deutsche Presse-Agencyur .

According to Winter, the main advantages of lithium-ion batteries are that no other energy storage system can be charged so quickly, offering the lowest weight and the longest range. The MEET professor has been researching this area for about ten years ̵

1; his conclusion: Without the lithium-ion battery, the evolution of electromobility would be only half as far.

The automotive industry promises electric cars with significantly more supply in the coming years than before. Some already offer the latest generation of batteries for even greater reach, better durability and safety. Winter commented on the current state of research and development: "We have to turn off the requirements on the batteries a bit. Most people do not go that far today. The German travels an average of about 40 kilometers per day."

compromises, "the batteries for electromobility" have been long enough, "says the researcher. However, this requires that you do not "race on the highway". According to Winter, expectations of e-mobility and the possible intervals must change. "I can't say that I would like the freedom to visit my mother-in-law with the electric car in southern Sicily spontaneously and without a break when I drove," he said.

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