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Barbra Streisand: Covered by Michael Jackson cares for Aufruhr – Maintenance

Barbra Streisand at a Auftritt on the Tribeca Film Festival Photo: JStone / Shutterstock.com

Barbra Streisand looks forward to discussing the King of Pop's criticism – especially for the director of the Jackson Doku "Leaving Neverland"

Following the alleged "Leaving Neverland" document, the voices about the murdered Michael Jackson (1958-2009) are severely broken. Still, Barbra Streisand (76, "Walls") has celebrated the hypoallergenic HBO production and betrayed in the interview with the British "The Times" that their "absolute" predominantly said that the surf booster Wade Robson and James Safechuck the Hope SAW. If so, there were still several remarks on this, which issues for at least so much controversy were the busy Doku.

Here's the book "MUCH: The Enthüllungsbuch aus der Traumfabrik Hollywoods" Barbra Streisand? "

Though the home of their own bosses still said that both men were used as children of King of Pop on these Neverland Ranch sexual missions, they relativized relativity. So six damals both kids eagerly eager to venture, so time could come to the ancestors of the Stars to burn. Undoubtedly, the most debilitating view: "Both minds are excited and both have children. They have therefore not cowardly destroyed."

A non-obscene guilty lies with the singer at the respective Eltern of Wade Robson and James Safechuck: "I guess I'm guessing I can make the Eltern responsibly responsible for having their children live at ihm."

Happy to hear more Tweets criticized the director of documentation, Dan Reed, the Aussagen von Streisand. "It has not coincided." Do you have the real authority, Barbra Streisand? ", Wonders Reed in one post. While there was still he repeatedly referred to Quit from the Streisand-Interview heraus: "" Sexual concerns were their sexual concerns "- is Pädophilie in the reach of the entertainment industry?"

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