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Bangladesh's tree wants his hands amputated

Abul Bajandar (28) suffers from a rare disease: large rocks grow from their hands and look like the roots of a tree. Now the man has decided on a radical operation.

It is hell that Abul Bajandar (28) must endure. Bangladesh's man is suffering from a rare disease. His skin is covered with warts and his hands and feet grow large malformations. It is a hereditary condition called Epidermodysplasia verruciformis, known as "tree man's disease".

In 2016, a medical team in the capital Dhaka was removed from the man for free. But the root-like warts have grown again one year now – faster than ever. Because Bajandar cannot afford to treat abroad, he now asked his doctors to amputate their hands.

"I can't sleep anymore"

"I can't stand anymore, I can't even sleep longer at night," says the family man to the AFP news agency. Bajandar: "I asked my doctors to cut off my hands . That gives me at least some relief. "

A panel of seven doctors at Dhaka Medical Hospital has now promised to analyze the case of the former rickshaw driver explained by chief physician Samanta Lal Sen. Fortunately, the condition of Bajand's feet remained virtually unchanged after the first treatment, removing five pounds superfluous tissue. (Noo) [19659023]
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