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Balsthal SO: Kosovar (49) speaks to his wife

On a parking lot in the Amtsschreibre warehouse in Balsthal, a woman is teared by the Ehemann in the morning morning and is worn out in the middle. The mass denier is arrested

A 49-year-old man has a parking space in the morning of the morning desk in Balsthal, saying that in a car sitting wife is shattered and worn out by the midwife. The man was found to be imprisoned.

The report about the incident was still around 9 hours, which was the Cantonese police solothurn. Your patrol back and forth took over the accused persons. Gemini first acknowledgments have a great deal of support, a 49-year-old Kosovar, with one or more unknown objects on their way to life.

The worn-out woman is enticed into our town by the rescue service and subsequently brought to a hospital. The man becomes afflicted. Your search should clarify the situation and the circumstances of the case. (SDA)

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