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Bacsinszky's boring walk to the toilet – News Sport: Tennis

After the lost first set against Aleksandra Krunic, the tennis player Timea Bacsinszky demanded a toilet break at the US Open. It took half an eternity for the Swiss to return to the plan. The referee questioned them.

What happened? A woman employed by the tournament had not allowed Bacsinszky to go to a closet, but to a public toilet under Grandstand, as the third largest venue at the US Open facility. But the 29-year-old refused to use them because she wanted to change her dress. "It even had fans who wanted to be photographed with me and in the middle of the match," she told later.

Finally, she could switch to a small storehouse next door, but only after a dispute with a cleaning lady. "It was as hot as a stove," said Romande.

After the second set, she had to take a ten minute break because of the heat regimen. Meanwhile, they had found a better solution. This time, Baczsinsky was led to the hospital. "It was a little colder there," she said, smiling. In the end, Vaud lost into three sets. (Tagesanzeiger.ch/Newsnet)

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