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Autobahnraststätte: "Fressbalken" Würenlos in the conversion

They who regularly travels on the A1 motorway between Zurich and Aargau has already noticed that Würenlos AG's service department for motorways receives a new cell treatment.The nation's "feeding bar" with a unique view of the roadway will be the "newcomer" under changing eating habits r.

The reconstruction was initiated by Abraham and Zacharias Oliver. The two brothers bought the resting place with Bovida Real Estate AG two and a half years ago. "After the acquisition, we had basic thoughts on how the well-known resting place would shine in a new shine," co-owner and Bovida CEO Zacharias Oliver told "Aargauer Zeitung". The conversion is expected to be completed by the end of November and will cost ten million francs.

Responding to customer inquiries

The new owners asked experts and users for their views on the project: "It was especially important to survey customers to respond to their needs and wishes," explains Zacharias Oliver. "We are convinced that with the many measures taken in the famous service area, we will be able to create a modern mobility hub that meets the individual passenger transport of the future," says Oliver.

More people than in Times Square

The "feed bar" is actually the "fresh bar" announced on the construction boards, the supply of fresh food is greatly expanded. In the spring of 2020, a new Coop branch and another Marché restaurant will open its doors. In addition, in Würenlos it will be possible for customers in the future, thanks to a Travelex calculator, to collect the VAT on goods that they have purchased abroad directly and without switch at the counter.

A conversion that would pay off. As the shopping destination Würenlos is an exceptional frequency with an annual frequency of about 50 million cars and about 80 million people. By comparison, New York's Times Square has a passenger traffic of nearly 40 million a year.

Not only is the service area rebuilt but also available space – to 560 parking spaces. Since most of the work is done at night, customers only have to expect some restrictions.

The brother restaurant was opened in 1972 and at that time was the largest motorway service department in Europe. The renovated rest area was inaugurated with an opening ceremony on November 30.

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