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Pilots could soon be retrained to become train drivers

Corner-stone 1/7 A pilot and a train driver have one thing in common: They both control large machines with people in them. Zvg 2/7 But there are also many differences. This is also emphasized by the locomotive’s staff, Hanny Weissmüller (47). keystone-sda.ch 3/7 The pilots are currently having a hard time. In the coming winter aircraft, only 30 percent of …

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Gareth Bale’s agent attacks Real Madrid

Twitter 1/9 Gareth Bale is back at Tottenham Hotspur. ddp images / ZUMA 2/9 Now his agent Jonathan Barnett ends up with Real Madrid. Getty Images 3/9 “For someone who did as well at Real as he did, he did not get the respect he deserved,” Barnett said. keystone-sda.ch 8/9 Where he helped shape a very successful era. keystone-sda.ch 9/9 …

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Elon Musk promises $ 25,000 car

Thanks to radically better batteries, the world’s most valuable car manufacturers want to build cheaper cars in a few years. Mass production should be Tesla’s greatest strength. It is well known that Elon Musk rejects the measures against the corona pandemic. But on Tesla’s “Battery Day” they gave him a nice view. The e-car manufacturer had invited some shareholders to …

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