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Australian frees his child from the mouth of a dingo

In the middle of the night, dingo pulled a baby away from his sleeping parents. The father was able to release his child just in time.

Rainforest and white sand dunes meet on the Australian island of Fraser Island, the wilderness here is unique and dangerous. This has now been experienced by an Australian family.

When the parents slept with their 14 month old boy, a dingo invaded his caravan. The animal took the little boy between his teeth and dragged him outside.

Would drag him to the bushes

The child screamed, the father woke up. He followed the screaming and saw the thing pulling his son in a bush in the dark.

Immediately, the man released his son and chased the predator, said a paramedic to the Sydney Morning Herald. The child suffered a fracture skull and many joints to the head and neck.

Rescue teams flew him by helicopter to the hospital. He is now being treated in Brisbane (Queensland).

Dingo Attacks Again and Again

In 2019 alone, there were already three such dingo attacks on the island. In January, a boy (6) was bitten in the leg, in March a dingo got two French tourists.

Local paramedics warn: "You should definitely stay away from dingoes." Dingos are originally domestic dogs, but they have been living wild for years. (Hl) [19659023]
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