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At Tesla's lofts, is the E-Offensive von VW and Mercedes left?

Tesla wants to run that Monat's most recent car in Switzerland, but it will compete for that competition. Image: AP / AP

At Tesla's lofts, who are still German?

Model 3 sells gut – sehr gut. However, the big question, however, was passed, by 2020, the European motor vehicle is pushing for a bigger deal with installing electro-cars on the market.

The Tesla Neutral applications in Switzerland are from January to May 2019 in the comparison to the previous by more than four-folds. . Doing the law for the electric car of the unbeatable billionaire Elon Musk, which for many years was weighing problems in speech, was halted. [1

965] Bislang looks good for Tesla. The new model 3 is among us one salesman. Es is located in the temporary Jahreshite parade on Grade 4, except for the end of February.

Teslas Model 3 is the only E-car in the Top 10.

In March, the autobauer started selling the sales halls in Switzerland. An. The model 3 was with 1094 units the most popular car. First of all, an E-car in Switzerland will read all the burners in the meantime. Even so, because the middle class car turned three years later, this display was well-liked and many orders were favored.

In April, the model 3 with 495 cars in the top of the baggage stores Neuwagen – in May still happened 195 Stück ausgeliefert. That's why Tesla comes on the market for 1.8 months this year at a market rate of 1.8% in the Swiss Neufahrzeug market, which was the closest detached auto-Switzerland sales.

3.7% in the first five months cars were pure E-cars. Alternative cars come in at 10.4%.

The American motorcycle therefore moves on eye level with Subaru, Nissan or Citroen. On the other hand, the statistics of the import company Volkswagen with a market share of 11.4%, our Mercedes-Benz and Skoda with your 8.1% are about BMW (7.7%).

Marktanteile of the automotive market in Switzerland: Compared to May 2019 with the spring hresmonate ] In May 2019, Tesla had a market share of 0.7%, in May 2018 it was 0.2%.

Tesla is still in favor of wind, monkeys that support Feuerprobe. Even more importantly, in the E-car market, there is no significant competition and you do not have the right level. The tough one is drastically changed. In China, the most important market for e-cars in China, its competitive electric car industry has evolved – and yet is not even expected of Europeans.

If the Deutschen recruiting engineer is minded, it is uncontested. Your suckers, a backstage, can get into the slightest forecast. Tesla depending on mass production is still relatively inaccurate and voted for Appearance yearly match, model launch model 3 over Europe and China. The problems are that because of model 3, the Vorquartal around 20% loves to model Models of Band.

Tesla said he was "caught in a swirling spiral", writes NZZ for Kurzem: The ground for the dramatic tone: Elon Musk himself warnt our Capital Expo. A son of Mones can cast Tesla's money, if not "Hardcore" issues ever existed, Musk cries out in one of his e-mails and his own investment. Signal company always burns lots of money and in popular model 3 Tesla deserves to be more comfortable than model S, which is ever more demanding.

Headgear can also make Trumps trade line with China: China should become the most important market for Tesla. At the same time, one guards a Shanghai-guided gigafactory out of the booths. The factory should produce 500'000 teslas per year. Will the government go back to Beijing with punishment and take it to the United States to meet the anti-US sentiment, which could hit the Tesla heart.

Competition in the march

The entire German auto industry invests all over the next three years over 40 billion francs an alternative drive and dispatches the E-auto response to around 100 models.

Tesla was then unable to stop the charged speed, according to Auto-Switzerland President François Launaz. The main reason: "By 2020, the entry into force of a new European standard, limiting the CO2 emissions of new vehicles to 95 grams per kilometer, sharply decelerated," Launaz explained in speech with the AWP government agency. The classic auto repairer can stop those Vorgaben, if they have their fleet fast on E-cars. Anxieties hail juicy buses.

Then, the next European motorbike was pushed into a larger car with its own electric cars on the market, to meet the more stringent climate protection flares. "Und es is doubtful whether the Swiss consumer Tesla promoted turning off the repairer", soft launaz.

VW has developed electric car building system

The VW ID.3 was to become the wave for the electro-lithium from 2020 onwards.

VW has welded time, comes up with a widespread electrical system for building automobiles. These Deutsches plans to build on the so-called MEB platform to their individual models, numbered by ID.1 (small truck) to ID.10 (limousine or SUV). The modular E-Auto platform should also be licensed to another Auto-Repairer, which was lowering costs. With the Baukastensystem for various E-cars, VW told others Markets was Toyota thoroughly advanced, lucrative industry expert.

Anfang Mai presented "ID.3" should become the golf for the electro-lithium. VW requires ready-made orders for the e-car, costing a smallest version as 30,000 francs. Are Long Term Savings Enhanced by Enhanced Energy Costs, Enhanced Maintenance, and Anything That Will Be Surprised by E-Cars, Encouraging ID.3 for Many People

These ranges will vary your model from 330 to 550 kilometers after WLTP . The production of the ID model family should start in 2019 in the VW work Zwickau, hence the Umbau is the closest E-Auto factory. The earliest models will then roll on the 2020 route to the Strassen.

This limited Premium Edition with a range of 420 kilometers will be finalized VW pre-ordered over 20,000 times. Volatile Volkswagen will produce around 100,000 ID.3 per year

Up until 2020, bring four new E-cars to the market

That cost for the Corsa-e will pay off from 30'000 euros. Model in Zaum maintains that the Electro-Corsa uses the throttle model Peugeot 208 and Citroen C3's free-floating nutrient PSA platform. Next to the Corsa should also come the SUV Mokka with stromantrieb.

Even in the past year, the Mercedes EQC, the BWMs Mini E, the Audi e-tron Sportback and the Porsche Taycan and the Start were also included. Daimler only wants to have at least the lowest E-cars on the Strassen until 2022.

In the summer, the Deutsche nun gas: Firstly, VW was able to build 36'000 charging stations in Europe until 2025. Available in 2017, Volkswagen has jointly established with IONITY, BMW, Daimler and Ford, a jointly-owned, fast-paced charging station, located in the heart of the Hauptverkehrsachsen, in Europe. The charging stations are manufactured under the auspices of ABB.

In March, Volkswagen aimed for the upcoming Electrical Car Battery battery deliveries of 25 billion francs. For long-term safeguarding of battery servicing, VW has built up its own battery cell design. Here too, VW can play green trucks: Zum Konzern has brands Seat, Škoda and Audi, including the luxury markets Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati (Motor Rider), Lamborghini and Porsche. Your more batteries VW kauf bzw.

Obviously, the low-end auto-offensive of the auto-lift is always taking off, it has to be replaced.

Bald rollt der 10'000th Tesla in the Schweiz

In Tesla's environment, the car is different from classic auto repair: The American brand is not a member of the auto auto-Switzerland, and is capable of driving through its direct retransmission and end customers: Orders are not available on the Internet and a co-operation with external workstations is not possible.

However, Tesla did not even have any fear for the new European repairman on the electric car market. The development of the electrical and related infrastructure has all come to fruition and is provided for every brand, one Tesla speaker at AWP.

In addition, Tesla also provided the best charging infrastructure and the longest battery life under the "Electrician", argumentative there corporate executives.

During this time the Model 3 (including prizes ranging from 47'200 and 66'00 francs) is the dominant tile of the sold Teslas, the Autobauer has prepared in 2009 with the Roadster in Switzerland, then the model So even the model X shows. In this month, the 10th largest Tesla coach in Switzerland has to be sold.

(oli / sda / awp)

The Police Tesla is in charge

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