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Art in the public space – Detective in Zurich's main station: Ernesto Neto's meeting – Culture

At the train station Zurich, the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto has built a 20 meter high textile sculpture. Fondation Beyeler had the artwork cost a lot – and therefore had to look for new financing options.

It's big, it's colorful and can not be overlooked: the sculpture "GaiaMotherTree" by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. Half-tents, half-tents, giant work consists of an airy network of cotton strips. Inside, a sandy mat and thick pillows invite you to relax.

The internationally successful artist Ernesto Neto has put his textile sculpture on the invitation of Fondation Beyeler and combines spiritual thoughts with it.

A place of calm at the station

He should be rest, meditation and spirituality as well as meetings, "GaiaMotherTree". The sculpture consists of colorful cotton fabric strips, handmade in a network of airy nets.

In Wanner Halle in Zurich's station the fabric was installed so that it strived like a giant tree in the roof. Tied without screws or nails, the net is on the beams below the hall cover. Bags filled with spices serve as counterweights that prevent the network from slipping. In addition, they radiate a nice smell.

  Ernesto Neto's meeting from the end. It's a wooded tree. "Title =" Ernesto Neto's meeting from the end. It's a wooded tree. "Width =" 4252 "height =" 2390 "srcset =" https://www.srf.ch/var/storage/images/_aliases/144w/apps/culture/pictures/2018/06/30/node_15954926/176734106- 2-eng-DE / bild.jpg 144w, https: //www.srf.ch/var/storage/images/_aliases/320w/auftritte/kultur/bilder/2018/06/30/node_15954926/176734106-2-ger -DE / bild.jpg 320w, https: //www.srf.ch/var/storage/images/_aliases/480w/auftritte/kultur/bilder/2018/06/30/node_15954926/176734106- 2-ger-DE / bild.jpg 480w, https: //www.srf.ch/var/storage/images/_aliases/640w/auftritte/kultur/bilder/2018/06/30/node_15954926/176734106-2-eng -GB/bild.jpg 640w, https: //www.srf.ch/var/storage/images/_aliases/768w/auftritte/kultur/bilder/2018/06/30/node_15954926/176734106-2-ger-DE/bild.jpg 768w, https : //www.srf.ch/var/storage/images/_aliases/944w/auftritte/kultur/bilder/2018/06/30/node_15954926/176734106-2-ger-DE/bild.jpg 944w, https: // www.srf.ch/var/storage/images/_aliases/1096w/auftritte/kultur/bilder/2018/06/30/node_15954926/176734106-2-ger-DE/bild.jpg 1 096w "sizes =" (my width: 790px) 790px, 100vw "src =" https://www.srf.ch/var/storage/images/_aliases/640w/apps/culture/pictures/2018/06/30 /node_15954926/176734106-2-ger-DE/bild.jpg"/></div><figcaption class=Legende:
A fest for the eyes that still smells good: "GaiaMotherTree" in Zurich's train station.

Fondation Beyeler / Photo: Mark Niedermann

The spacious trunk of "GaiaMotherTree" is available as a tent. A sandy mat and colorful pillows invite you to linger and relax. In addition, there are many events in "GaiaMotherTree", which refers to the Greek midwife Gaia.

Everything will be fine, right?

The tree, Ernesto Neto in Zurich's "Planted" train station is impressive. His message is simple: In the middle of traffic, Neto wants to create a space where more environmental awareness is required, more spirituality, more love for nature.

  Ernesto Neto sits in front of a hectic network.
He is optimistic about the future: Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto.

Niels Fabaek / Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg

The artist, who has already created similar spaces of textile networks in many parts of the world, is firmly convinced that humanity is on the right track.

He says, "There are still people who throw bombs, there are still people who exploit nature. But these people know that their days are numbered." We live in a time of conversion. "

That sounds good. is less optimistic than Neto, clearly too good to be credible. [1965] Spiritual space also costs

Ernesto Neto looks at his belief in the goodness of humans. But spaces for meditation and human meetings are not built by themselves. There are also real staff and money behind spiritual projects.

About 100 employees contributed to making "GaiaMotherTree" mature from the sketch to the sculpture. Over two million francs are in the project. Part of this is funded by Fondation Beyeler, some of which come from sponsors; many donations are involved, but also private donors.

Ernesto Neto in Zurich HB

Open Personnel Box Close Personl dan

Ernesto Neto "GaiaMotherTree" will be located in Zurich's main railway station until July 29 to see. There is an action program the link opens in a new window with readings, concerts, workshops, admission is free.

Part of the money, Fondation Beyeler on the sale of Netos small pieces on the ebay charity auction platform has been achieved. At ebay Charity, the online marketplace ebay offers the opportunity to conduct auctions for a cultural or charitable purpose. And that means that business practices for crowdfunding platforms like youmakeit are quite close.

Who needs money must be inventive

Even a successful exhibition house like Fondation Beyeler is looking for new flexible options when financing large projects goes beyond.

Not all planned art projects in public places succeed so smoothly. The "Robert Walser Sculpture" planned by Thomas Hirschhorn at the station square in Biel had to be postponed for a year. In addition to objections from the population, this was due to incomplete financing.

This is also due to the art that is involved, as Hirschhorn looks far more bulky than Ernesto Neto with its colorful work of good spiritualism. [1965]
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