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Aramco IPO: You have to know about the stock market this year

According to the insiders, it should be at 11. December goes so far: Then the Saudi Riyadh for Saudi Aramco should have the bells

However, around the record event there are at least as many open-ended questions as the Famous. You need to know about the mega stock exchange entry.

Who is Aramco?

Saudi Arabia's Aramco official officially named Saudi Arabian Oil Co. The abbreviation is derived from the Arab-American Oil Company. So they owned the company until 1988. Aramco is one of the most profitable companies in the world. A barrel (barrel of 159 liters) is produced for just 2.80 francs. On the market, there are currently more than 60 Francs worth. Day by day, the oil company promotes over 10 million barrels. Its reserves are larger than those of the four major competitors Exxon Mobile, Shell, Chevron and BP together. After the consolidation, every eight promoted bargain is in your account. Net income is $ 111 billion. The number of guitarists at 76'000.

The mega-corporation is likewise a climate polluter. According to the American Institute of Climate Accountability, Aramco is responsible for the world's highest share of emissions (including carbon dioxide) by companies at all. to make the plans Saudi Arabia, independent of oil. As a result, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (34) wants to crush the economy of the kingdom. The "Vision 2030" covers 80 projects, including tourism. Those plans – even flying taxis have been envisaged – should not be funded by funding from the stock exchange. The Group's overall valuation of $ 2 trillion in outlook. Analysts are a bit worried about how much Saudi Aramco is actually worth. Bank of America experts estimate the state's value at $ 1.2 to $ 2.3 trillion. Other levels allow a maximum of 1.5 trillion for realistic. Either way, Aramco is significantly more valuable than Microsoft or Apple, both of which are among the most valuable publicly traded companies.

Only a small part of the company comes into the stock market. Initially, investors assumed that it would be 5 percent necessary. In the meantime, Saudi Arabia is expected to sell insiders only 1 to 2 percent in the state group. The proceeds from this sale should bring in $ 20 to $ 40 billion. Damit was no longer this stock market entry than Alibaba's previous record IPO. The Chinese online giant was valued at $ 25 billion at the start of 2014.

In the year after the stock market start, the Kingdom of China should not sell any more shares in the stock exchange.

Where does the trading day last?

In the next few days, discussions with investors are on the Aramco Responsible To-Do List. They want to exclude the interest in the stock market. Then, too, follows the pricing. The so-called prospectus with information for the stock market and the company is presented by the CEO for November 9.

With the Roadshow, so the presentations to potential investors, the banks want to start on November 18, as the insiders said. On December 5, the share price will then be determined.

On December 11, the first trading day in the Riyadh exchange could take place. At least three sources say the Reuters news agency. Possibly, this will later follow a stock placement and an international stock exchange. However, at the earliest this should be said in one year of the case. Aramco is silent about this

Could an Anger Expect?

Details gibts erst in the announced prospectus. But it is known that Aramco will pay a $ 75 billion dividend. The dividend yield would therefore be up to 5 percent after stock market capitalization.

Was the stock exchange close to Switzerland?

According to the finance portal finews.ch – apart from two Saudi banks – the only one not US Investment Bank, which can play a central role in the Saudi Aramco IPO. The mandate of the CS should be flushing some of the fees in the cash registers. Industry experts believe that Aramco will pay between 350 and 450 million francs to the affected banks. (cf. pbe / with material from the SDA)

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