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According to a media report, Apple will develop a credit card with the bank Goldman Sachs. Plans for a data center in Ireland have been abandoned.

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1. May: Report: Apple and Goldman Sachs are planning a joint credit card?

iPhone giant Apple develops a credit card after a newspaper report together with the bank Goldman Sachs. The card was designed to carry the Apple Pay logo and can start in the US at the beginning of next year, the Wall Street Journal said Thursday and quoted patronized circles. The cooperation with Goldman Sachs is therefore likely to replace an existing since 2005 partnership between Apple and the big bank Barclays. The companies did not want to comment on this.

The joint venture could help Goldman Sachs and Apple to compensate for weaknesses in core business. Although the Wall Street Group traditionally focuses on financial markets and asset management for wealthy customers, it's not as smooth as it once was. For this reason, Goldman Sachs has been trying to gain a foothold in the mass market with an online credit platform since 2016 – the credit card could therefore fit well into the concept.

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On Apple, iPhone does not sell as much as they used, why tech giant is increasingly focusing on new business areas like mobile payments or music streams. According to the report, Goldman Sachs could help Apple customers finance loans for iPhones and other products, increasing sales. The details of the joint offer are still unclear. This also applies to the question of which of the major credit card companies – Visa, MasterCard or Discover – will handle the transactions.

May 10: Apple delivers data center plans in Ireland

Apple has abandoned its plans for a new data center in Ireland after the recent residents' complaints further delayed the project. The highest court in the country had claimed and did not rule out a trip to the European Court of Justice. "Despite all our efforts, delays in the approval process have forced us to make other plans, and we will not be able to continue the data center project," said an Apple spokesman on Thursday.

The US technology giant announced plans for a 850 million euro data center near the city of Athenry already announced in February 2015. However, the approval process took place and two citizens complained about it. A court released a first phase of the construction project. But the plaintiffs went to the Supreme Court, which decided to hear the case. Apple announced its decision to abandon plans immediately prior to the first hearing.

Irish economist Heather Humphreys said the case underlines Ireland's need to make its licensing procedures more effective. Among other things, it is planned to explain data centers on strategic infrastructure. Meanwhile, Apple has already announced a second data center in Denmark, which is scheduled to start next year.

May 5: Buffett Boost's Apple Investments and Exits IBM

Stock Exchange Guru Warren Buffett continues to cover Apple shares – but he has enough of IT veteran IBM. During the first quarter, Buffett investment company Berkshire Hathaway bought 75 million other shares in the iPhone manufacturer, which the US star investor revealed on Friday in the US transmitter CNBC. By the end of March, Berkshire had a total of approximately 240 million Apple shares at the current value of approximately $ 42.5 billion (EUR 35.5 billion).

Buffett, who has long been skeptical of technical values, has become a big fan of Apple in recent years. By the end of 2017, the US bank Wells Fargo had the best bank in its portfolio replaced. The famous big investor is particularly impressed by the high profit margins. Buffett claims that Apple earns almost twice as much as the second most profitable US company in the United States

The involvement in the computer Dino IBM, however, completely split Berkshire Hathaway in the opening quarter. Buffett had invested more than $ 10 billion in 2011, which he later described as a mistake given the Group's chronic sales weakness. In the previous quarter, the share decreased by 94 percent. Berkshire Hathaway's quarterly quarterly report is expected after the market closes. On Saturday, the Annual General Meeting will take place at the company's headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

May 3: Apple competitor from China wants to raise billions in the stock market

Apple is doing well for businesses. California increased quarterly earnings to $ 13.8 billion. Will growth continue to be so in the future? Together, the competition does not sleep. Especially Xiaomi blows to attack and equip in the battle for market share accordingly. In China, the smartphone manufacturer strives for one of the biggest IPOs: Xiaomi left a prospect in Hong Kong. Although it was strongly responded, but the Bloomberg news agency reported with quoted circles quoted, Xiaomi's stock sales bring ten billion dollars (8.3 billion euros). It would make Xiaomi worth about $ 100 billion.

It would be the Chinese company's largest IPO since 2014, when online giant Alibaba, in New York, rose to $ 25 billion. Xiaomi is the world's fifth largest smartphone manufacturer. In the third quarter of 2017, the company had a market share of 7.4 percent, followed by Samsung, Apple and the two Chinese competitors Oppo and Huawei. In the prospect, CEO Charles Li says that Xiaomi wants to be a part of the lives of billions of people all over the world.

According to Bloomberg, Xiaomi has closed last year with a loss of almost 44 billion yuan (5.7 billion). However, sales had exploded by about 67 percent to more than 114 billion yuan. Apple continues to do good business for now. The impact of Xiaoma's IPO on it will be seen.

May 2: Apple Sounds Money: $ 100 Billion To Shareholders On Top

The US Tax Reform Provides A Cash Shower To Apple Shareholders: The iPhone Group Transfers A Repurchase Of Shares To Another 100 Billion Dollars (82.6 billion euros). At the same time, analysts expected a decline in iPhone sales in the last quarter. The expensive iPhone X was the best-selling Apple phone. This gave Apple a healthy quarterly earnings of $ 13.8 billion, from $ 11 billion the year before.

Recently, some market observers had saved worse numbers after some vendors made weak predictions. It was also speculated over and over again, the over 1000 Euro Expensive iPhone X sells weak after a first print during the Christmas season. Now, Tim Cook emphasizes that iPhone X has been the best-selling Apple phone every week in the quarter. And in the difficult Chinese market, the overall number was one of several smartphone models.

Apple sells 52.2 million iPhones

Apple sold a total of 52.2 million iPhones. It was three percent more than a year earlier and about as many as expected by analysts. Revenue increased by 16 percent to $ 61.1 billion in the second quarter of March. Apple takes over the majority of its foreign reserves of nearly $ 270 billion back to the United States, as tax reform provides significantly lower fees than before. The Group has already been expected to plan a generous dividend to its shareholders. So far, Apple's dividends to shareholders through repurchase and dividend have increased to $ 300 billion.

1st May: Apple Quarterly Numbers Today

Apple announces last quarter numbers on Tuesday (10:30 CEST). Analysts have downgraded their iPhone sales estimates in recent weeks – but expect to buy back up to $ 100 billion. Under the United States tax reform, the group takes its cash reserves of more than a quarter of dollars, mostly in the United States. It has already been expected that much of it will be distributed to shareholders. The latest analysts recent skepticism about iPhone sales over the last three months has been driven by careful business forecasts from Asian suppliers.

April 27: Apple says goodbye to business with "wireless routers"

Apple has given its year of neglected business with wireless routers. Now, only the resellers of AirPort devices are being sold, the iPhone company announced Thursday, among other things, the Bloomberg Financial Services. Apple had not updated the product family for several years. In business, many vendors are active from beginner to a major Apple rival like Google. The current trend is for so-called networking networks, where several broadcast stations are interconnected.

For Apple, the routers did not play a major economic role and the revenue was booked together with various other devices in the "Others" category. It is rare for the Group to leave a product category. This happened recently with computer screens – but Apple already announced its return to this market.

April 26: Apple Solves Exchange Screen Issues

Apple's latest iOS device update includes a replacement display problem. This may include components from third-party vendors that touch the on-screen touch screen any iPhone 8 no longer worked. As another innovation, Apple calls security improvements. The update can be retrieved via the settings and "General / Software Update".

Next edition, iOS 11.4, is expected in late May or early June. It should include, among other things, the improved standard AirPlay 2 and synced iMessages. However, both functions are pushed up several times slightly. With AirPlay 2, it is possible, among other things, to simultaneously transfer music to multiple devices.

April 25: Will a successor to iPhone X come?

iPhone X sells badly, so rumors. Above all, it's too expensive. But since Apple has high expectations in OLED technology, there should now be two following models, which predicts Ming-Chi Kuo. KGI Securities tech analysts are well connected in the industry. According to that, there will be an iPhone Xs, with a screen size of 5.8 inches and an OLED screen. A similar model – just bigger – would be the iPhone Xs Plus, with a screen diagonal of 6.5 inches. Since Apple has rarely reduced prices, iPhone fans should not expect any benefits here. The Swiss bank UBS also expects a price increase of 100 euros.

24. April: iPhone X – A Expired Model?

It has long been speculated that the expensive iPhone X is not as successful as Apple was hoping. The company itself does not provide information about the sales data. According to heise.de Samsung's display orders – the only OLED Apple phones pouch – have decreased and the iPhone chip maker TSMC has been alerted for lower sales.

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