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Andreas Caminada just after Zurich – News Zurich: City of Zurich

He is considered by many to be the best chef of the country, surely he is the most influential: The 42-year-old Andreas Andreas Caminada opens his newest restaurant at the next year at Münsterhof 3 in Zurich. This reports the «Gastro-Journal». 20min.ch writes, Caminada's media site has confirmed a "possible opening in Zurich". However, neither place, time point nor involved actors say goodbye.

At the Zurich Local, it should deal with one Ableger des Restaurants Igniv. Dabei puts Caminada on a mix of gourmet cuisine and convenience – in contrast to Schauenstein Castle in Fürstenau, where its guests purchase an exclusive three-star kitchen.

Speculation to the Chef

The Igniv concept, at the various courts simultaneously to join the table, he prepared at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and the St. Moritzer Badrutt's Palace converted. These restaurants are now rated with a Michelin star and 1

7 "Gault Millau" points . With the concept awaits the Swiss as well abroad: In Bangkok, he opens a restaurant in the coming year.

Chef in Zurich became, according to the "Gastro-Journal", the 30-year-old Daniel Zeindlhofer. This is the next four-year commitment as Koch des Golfclubs Vista in Sagogn. He was employed for four years at Schauenstein Castle, two years as Deputy Chief.

After Nenad Mlinarevic, Damit became another cook from the Caminada school in Zurich. Mlinarevic, "Gault Millau" -Koch of the year 2016, with his partners Valentin Diem and Patrick Schindler the restaurant Bauernschänke, beginning in December they jointly open the new Tavern in the former Taverna Catalana. (moves)

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