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Analysts believe that earlier start is possible> Teslamag.de

A distribution of the investment bank Goldman Sachs on Thursday interrupted the sharp increase in shares in Tesla, which began in early June. Respondent analyst David Tamberrino questioned the sustainability of the company's electrical demand and lowered his target price to $ 158. But the negative analysis also includes a surprisingly positive aspect: Tamberrino talks about a "possible" production start preference for the new compact SUV model Y. [19659002] Although reports of previously missed production targets in model 3 in June appear to be on Wall Street to ensure that Tesla in the current quarter, as announced by CEO Elon Musk, can reach a new delivery record. According to a FactSet survey, analysts currently expect an average of 92,000 deliveries during the three months to end-June, which would be above the previous record of 90,700.

Tamberrino also assumes that Tesla's second-quarter sales will be "in" order". Instead, he motivates his concerns with the continued development of demand: During the current quarter, Tesla has already used most of the available leverage to drive sales, including price reductions, leasing and right-hand drive cars. The big question for investors is how "sustainable" the demand for Tesla's vehicles really is.

But as Tamberrino further explained, he also sees potentially positive factors ̵

1; and it should also be a "faster start-up or production preference of model Y". At the beginning of June, CEO Musk announced at the AGM that the launch of the vehicle in the US is planned for autumn 2020. Internally, but there is a more ambitious schedule for it, he added to the quiet pleasures of the audience and even smirking. Previously, Musk had announced and delivered new cars or functions several times early, but only late.

The skeptical analyst Tamberrino now believes it is possible that the official announcement for Model Y not only met, but possibly even exceeded It is interesting, it is interesting to say that Musket's credibility has not been affected by the previously too ambitious deadline messages . Recently, pessimists seem to believe in him more than he himself proclaims.

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