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An actual concept is not recognizable

For once, it wasn't his idea: My week came to a controversial talk between Roger Schawinski (74) and TV director Nathalie Wappler (51). It was the last of any talks in which his departure should be regulated. That mood was strained. Schawinski was hoping for some hope of his Monday evening broadcast. The well-known former TV director Ruedi Matter had extended Schawinski's contract by the end of 2019. And "Schawi" hoped that Ihn Wappler would be renewed again – in vain. "The discussion has been going on for a long time," he said on Sunday. "This last talk took place on Wednesday."

"Roger was naturally disappointed"

Sunday Blick knew on Tuesday that it could come to the showdown and sent a few questions to Wappler. Also, ask if "Schawi" should become a farmer's victim. By 2020, the company will have to save an additional 16 million francs in the short term. Its sending cost the monkeys free 15,000 francs. So you do not save much with his "disposal" and just get a little applause with his renowned opponents.

On Friday, SRF responded with a media report. Wappler added: "Roger was, of course, disappointed, but also understood that in our current financial situation, we would not be able to recover from measures in the program."

"Tatort" – Women Must Be Blessed

Yet the exact measures and the grand scheme work hectic. At the beginning of the week, SRF announced, calculated to use the crippled "Tatort". Next year, there will only be a second with new investigators Carol Schuler (32) and Anna Pieri Zidler (40) in second place. At the same time, edited man "Sternstunde Musik" and "Arena / Reporter", "Schawinski" and the economic magazine "Eco" were shot on Friday.

Anxiety in Leutschenbach

Seither goes into Leutschenbach The fear: nächste? Mitarbeiter is worried about your positions, which make departures from prominent faces worry. Almost every news editor has to be spotted – or at the "Round Show". Does SRF now have an image problem? Sunday Blick also shows: Calculated that the prestige broadcast "Hello SRF!", In the viewers could ask questions to the program, will not be conveyed from Spargründen 2020 in this form.

Series fan Marchand meets the Bumerang

so the Sparhektik also come so suddenly, because fees have already been transplanted long-term. Following the no-bill vote in 2018, SRF Director Gilles Marchand (57) announced that he would not save just hundreds of millions of francs, but would like 20 million reinvestments – primarily in fictional projects. Even in the beginning of the year, he promised, until 2023, seven to eight series would be in the program. Exercise: the more films and series, the more mass and approval in the people. A classic boomerang: The series has a long run – short-term spare intervention is impossible.

Nebenschauplatz «Seitentriebe»

In January, the third Staffel of the prestige series «Wilder» (750,000 francs per sequence) will be run. Over 270,000 francs, for example, shifts to a single episode of the lukewarm series «Seitentriebe», which is aired on the second channel. SRF especially valued the 80,000 online viewers as a success. The second easel with eight further sequences is deducted. Nowadays, nothing else remains, as a result of keeping the "tort" on a smaller flame.

Baustelle Sunday Night

A further expensive building night remains the Comedy Sunday night, a single broadcast costs around 90,000 francs each. Gerade is launched "Late Update" by Michael Elsener (34) with a very modest quota in the second easel. However, Wappler maintains on the beaten path: "We had a beginning and said that on Sunday evening we would like to try out new things and give the broadcasts time. Daran had not changed. Both broadcasts are also in the program by 2020. »A big plan here is also difficult to recognize here.

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