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Amazon: The Dark Side of Amazon

Mr. Bröckers, I looked up: This year I have not even ordered on Amazon.
I only once. But during my research I actually talked to a friend who never bought on Amazon.

This time do you remember what you bought there?
Hm, not at all. Probably a book. Although it's not true, it was FIFA 18.

So pretty easy things … And then paid with Paypal?


Total refund?

What about Facebook? Twitter? Instagram?
No, no messenger services, no social networks. Nothing. I am also terribly surprised that after the Cambridge Analytica deal has passed, millions of users have not deleted their Facebook account.

Probably because most people think: What, please, should be interesting in my communication?
Probably also because this smart world so marvelously serves our laziness. I'm Amazon's customer, even though I avoid shopping there. After my research, more and more. And, basically, I'm annoyed that I can not use these services with a good conscience. On the other hand, what can a concept look like that would make the benefits of digitization available to me without having to exploit unscathed workers or constantly having to pay for the overall monitoring of my life? But the little word smart seems to be so kind that we leave all doubts or concerns.

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