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Right-wing pflege allows riders to bleed over several years. Amaryllis and ritter-hearers both belong to one's own family and, moreover, relate to them. They were most likely to be under the names of Amaryllis, which are usually used in the Hippeastrum. The reason for this not correct report lies in history. Previously, both flanges were botanically named as Amaryllis, and the cormorants are corrected. While the Amaryllis acid leaves and then bleeds picture, it is very close to the equine. The real Amaryllis, also called Belladonna lily, originates from South Africa, the Heimat des Rittersterns being South America.

 Der Nordmagazion-Gärtner.

Was tun, damit that Amaryllis whüht?


Gorgeous buds shine like Amaryllis. At more accurate levels, until nights, trekking treks and so forth are seen to be clear and blue.

Pflege nach der Blüte

Most of the early-night seafarers with the beautiful big breaths have gone to the business. Those who bleed, the mice that have been nurtured by the flannel, have become so nonsense with the straightforward heart of the rider's tail. If you want to use the cable and the hard drive, the remote control should be upgraded, and with fresh substrate you will find the most affordable equipment. were entfernt. The embossed material can say a breakthrough for stuff, pillows or flanges. Wilted Bleu müseen sittent entraft, damien keine bilden, die die Zwiebel unnötig Kraft costs. The stalk or flower sheath welds so long until it is cut off – then sauber. The Ritterster can regularly go on and set up one and another to set the standard, which can be the long, slender blotter images. From this you can see the Zwiebel Nährstoffe, which needed the Ruhezeit. In May, the flames can also fall into a protected area.

Ruhezeit from Späterummer

In August, the ritterster just gazing and singing the dung, in September, which swallows the wilted blitz. Until October, the best thing to do is to put paper in a papercloth and a cool place. This Ruhephase is important, as the Pflanze is beautiful. The package must be pulled and stored at eight to 15 degrees. Whatever its cellar has, it can also be used by the Cologne chips. Customizable: The Ritterster belongs to the knobs, which is unusable – two grams are delicate. So really pack it away so that no one comes to the idea, davon to essence.

Pflege-Plan: Ritterstern wieder zum Blühen bringen

So, bleeding with the long steel has to be ablated, this one consuming much energy.

  • During the hold phase, energy bars will be loaded in the socket and powered for the next air phase.

  • In September, when the Laub is broken, the Ruhephase begins.

  • The next two Monts will bring the Zwiebel into the best single wrap in newspaper paper.

  • That bug must be pulled and stored at eight to 15 degrees. Whatever its cellar has, it can also be used by the Cologne chips.

  • November is the Ruhephase. Then the Zwiebel becomes a home and needs warming.

  • Ritterstern in her new neoprene

    One gut Monat promotes the Ritterstern weather, ending the Ruhephase. Then the flannene can be transformed into a larger topfowl and freshly groomed. Old ones in the upper part of the wing penetrate each case and replace them with fresh ones. Until the Zwiebel boarding, there should be tops in a dolphin, hide place and still and still more cast. Caution: First, if the bleeding with the pinhole of the centimeter of the spine is repeated. Obesity is very difficult in general. Steep up the slope, they should straighten out the beginning of the first milled house being housed.

    Loose mounds in the winter or autumn trees

    Ritterstern needs only weekly weeks to produce up to four imposing bushes and resembles pflegen. Whatever a loose bumblebee chew, it feels like a butterfly or a winter in a furrow, which cousin is much bigger than that bumblebee. One gut of the swell should resurrect from the earth. As Substrate welds one can use as single as well as sand and hydroculture. Before the equilateral can be transformed into hydroculture, mice all in all have become entangled

    Rather, the ideal is ideal

    If a few days are spent digging bile into the top and bottom of the water, it will cause some damage. more powerful, greener Schaft. When he was wearing it, the Pflanze should be regularly washed and drenched once weekly. Some five to eight weeks later, shovels are sitting in the shed. They are ideal, if they are flush with the surface, they are not allowed to cling to some 20 degrees Celsius.

    Fluorescent snow from Tiefrot

    Since the real Amaryllis is a rare, arduous and ready-to-use helix, The Ritterstern is the right choice for this celebration or as a gift. The color palette later blows away from the pink to the classical root and the occasional mist blown.

    Also attractive as a cut flower

    Bild vergrößern

    Ritterstern can also be purchased as a cutout in the night time. If welding is used properly,

    The Pflege des Ritterstern is available for purchase as well. Taken in the spring night, the bid is falling. These flowers are not just any decorative, but combine welds with a sleek combination of drawbacks, collars and other plants. Tip: Cut off the steel and roll over with the Tesafilm, so that it can roll in the vase nicht and only water in the vase. Both make sure that the bleeds last up to two weeks.

    More information

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    Weekend Maschik, says you You can still float a Ritterster in a resort, neither will Blumentopf nor Vase Platz again. The tough steel can become vase so to wash.

    The roots or white blisters of the nightly nightshade in winter resemble Wohnzimmer. In guter pigeons, these flanges stop many years and later in summer.

    Farbtupfer im Garten sind im Winter Mangelware. So you said, Christrosen's. Coming back, from October to April, she has Freude and the flags.

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