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Allergy to house dust mites: The enemy in the bedroom

The bedroom is actually a retreat, a place for feeling well, but calculated for the threat of human discomfort. House dust mites come to hundreds of thousands, nestled in mattresses, feather beds, rugs or curtains. For allergy sufferers, the body responds to the cot of not one centimeter of large spider animals. In the long run it can make you sick.

A bedroom full of mites sounds disgusting, but has little dirt with dirt. "There is no apartment that is free of house dust," explains Torsten Zuberbier of the Berlin Charity.

Why do the Milbs work out in the bedroom?

When the Milbs are warm and moist, they find Bedrooms ideal conditions. By sweating, each person produces up to one liter of water per night. This increases the humidity, for the sake of the spinning animals. Optimum for the Milbs temperatures at 25 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 70 percent, served as food under other hair and skin conditions.

Who says a house dust mite allergy?

That complains a house dust mite allergy especially in the morning. "These could be, for example, itching in the eyes, frequent sneezes and snouts, a stuffy nose or cough," says Göttinger allergy expert Thomas Fuchs. Also, rashes can trigger allergies, just like asthmatic complaints. By then, these animals come in as a trigger for neurodermitis or coughing.

Who can refer a doctor to the allergy? In a so-called prick test, the physician drips solutions with possible allergens on the skin and picks up on it easily. Rats who are posing or squatting are likely to suffer from an allergy.

In addition to the prick test, special blood tests as well as a nasal provocation test in which the doctor sprays a house dust mite extract on the nasal mucosa. If it comes to sneezes, runs the nose or changes the airflow resistance in the nose, an allergy is probably very likely.

"It is often assumed that patients do not react allergic to house dust mites only, but in addition to fungal spores," explains Zuberbier, also chair of the European Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). Fungi mushrooms are needed as house dust milks moisture and therefore spread frequently in sleeping rooms.

It appears that patients over mites and molds react allergically to animal hair. "The complaints can be reinforced even once the patient is exposed to raw or passive nicotine," said Fuchs, vice president of the German Association of German Allergists (AEDA).

Who reads how to treat allergy?

Given acute complaints antiallergic agent. Also anti-inflammatory drugs that could help some cortisone-containing nasal sprays.

"A further option is a specific immunotherapy, which is also called hypo- or desensitization," said Stephan Meller, lead physician at the Dermatology Clinic of Dermatology -University Düsseldorf. Therefore, patients over a period of three to five years regularly receive a substance with an increasing number of allergens under the skin, accustomed to the body.

so Meller. In any case, the physician may also prescribe tablets or drops for hyposensitization.

Could allergies be noted to reduce the mites?

To make the mites as uncomfortable as possible, it is important every morning and pillow Feather bed and shake it regularly. As a result, they reduce room temperature and humidity. As plants absorb liquid, they should be banned from the bedroom.

Hilfreich is also, once a week to freshen the bed and wash the used bedding at least 60 degrees Celsius. Mattresses and bedding can be considered with mildew-pervious allergy considerations.

In addition, Bodenbelag decides who is severely allergic to the Milbenkot. Experts recommend a smooth soil that is washed daily. Carpets should have a possibly short flooring and be cleaned with vacuum cleaners that have been developed for allergy sufferers.

Ebenfalls critically are fabric curtains and upholstery furniture. If you don't want to get rid of them, they should be tested regularly with an anti-mite spray. Also on plush animals you will find many moths. These welds abut, if the cushion animal is packed in a plastic bag and placed in a freezer.

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