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«All fruits and vegetables in the fridge» – News Life: Food and drink

Every year, 2.6 million tonnes of food land in Switzerland. About two-thirds of this waste mountain causes consumers. Many people would want to avoid this waste if they knew how to store fruits and vegetables for example. That's what Nadine Kessler found out about her bachelor's degree. The 29-year-old has designed maps with tips on proper fruit storage.

Mrs. Kessler, apples, pears, plums, where to go home?
Nadine Kessler: All fruits and vegetables in the fridge. Except for bananas that can't stand cold. Do not put everything in a fruit bowl on the table.

It looks good and shows a healthy lifestyle.
It is one of the stupidest inventions. Apples should never be with other fruits anyway. They release the maturation hormone ethylene, and it does not become neighbors well. So it is best to store apples loosely in the fridge.

But everything else is allowed in the vegetable compartment?
I have a large box of lids instead of the compartment in the fridge so that not much moisture can come out.

And how is it? for example, with fruit from southern peaches. Like the cold?
They can handle minus one degree. The quality of all fruits that have accumulated during growth decreases after harvest due to respiration and water loss. Due to the low temperatures, they reduce their metabolism and stay fresh longer.

Fruit breathes …
Oxygen and carbon dioxide are released to stay alive as soon as they are no longer attached to the plant.

Das means they have no green anymore. Do you want to store carrots or radishes with their herbs?
No, the green must go because they lose even more water. The best way to keep carrots and radishes in a box is to use a paper towel that can absorb moisture. This prevents mold growth.

Mold is often a problem in the fridge. How to store salad?
Put the stem upside down in a plastic bag to allow the moisture to drain out.

Should you wash your fruits and vegetables before storing them?
In principle, you should not expose yourself to as much external influence as possible, these include hands and water. Supermarkets are often not as good as those on the market because they are often packed on the shelf and back. Carrots, for example, often become bitter as they release isocoumarin under stress.

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