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Alert in Tessin: Where did Anastasia (15) say goodbye?

Anastasia Kuebler (15) has been rushing back to town on Monday morning. Seither is missing from your own question. The Police bite for evidence from the population.

Tessiner Kantonspolizei has given a warning message for a 15-year-old girl. Anastasia Kuebler loses on Monday morning at 7:20 hours an hour in a Morbio Inferiore and is no longer seen any more.

The girl's turtle of black trousers, pasture tennis-shoe, a burgundy sweatshirt, a sports jacket smoother color and a black shackle. 19659006] Anastasia is 1,58 meters gross and of slanker stature. It has a hautton blossom, bright brown eyes and long, bright brown and smooth hair.

Persons who may be angry over the stay of the 15-year-old may be bitten, report to the Thessalonians Cantonese police. (NOO)

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