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After the Strache scandal: Chancellor Kurz must face a misunderstanding

After the Strache scandal: Austrian Chancellor Kurz must face uncertainty

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Image: EPA / EPA

Following the collapse of the coalition in Vienna as a result of the Ibiza affair, on Monday, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz decided: The Conservative Head of Government must face an unlawful vote in Parliament.

Parliament President Wolfgang Sobotka announced this on Tuesday. Social Democrats SPÖ and Kurz's former coalition partner, right-wing populist FPÖ, have not ruled out voting against Kurz. After just a year and a half, he faces the threat of being a chancellor.

President of Parliament Wolfgang Sobotka Image: AP / AP

Confidence had been left by the small opposition party Jetzt. If SPÖ and FPÖ also vote against Kurz, he would lose his office before the planned election in September. Both parties have not yet decided whether to support the application.

There is no decision on the matter, a spokesman for the Freedom Party said on Tuesday the Austrian news agency APA. The newspaper "Österreich" had previously reported that the Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) had already decided to approve the Kurz's declaration of trust. “The one who gives confidence gets confidence. Those who distrust become suspicious, Kickl said the newspaper.

On the side of the FPÖ, it was learned that APA, Kickl was misinterpreted by the newspaper. Kickl had just said that those who disturbed the FPÖ also have distrust of the FPÖ. However, this does not mean that voice behavior is definitely determined.

A Chancellor can be rejected from the Riksdag by a simple majority in Austria. It would be the first time in Austrian history. In the national council with a total of 1

83 seats, the conservative ÖVP 61 votes, SPÖ 52, FPÖ 51, Neos 10, the list now 7 members. In addition, two MEPs are free.

"Stability" and "Raison d 'etat" in demand

At the same time, the opposition informed Neos that they would not support the right to vote. "It is now taking responsibility for the country," said the leader of the liberal party Beate Meinl-Reisinger, Bavaria's radio station 2. "People expect a way out of this crisis and not politicians who hide Austria even more in a crisis" It is now necessary "stability" and "raison d 'etat."

Heinz-Christian Strache in April Image: EPO / EPA

The governmental federation in Vienna was after the release of a revelation video about ex-FPÖ Chief Heinz -Christian Strache broke up and after Kurz demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Kickl on Monday night, his party made his threat and announced that all his ministers were withdrawn from the coalition with Kurz & # 39; ÖVP.

In the video played secretly in Ibiza before Strache's parliamentary elections in 2017, Strache had shown willingness to award public contracts to the Russian oligarch's alleged niece in exchange for secret election campaign funds. after the recordings were released.

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker strongly criticized the ex-FPÖ leader's behavior on Tuesday in Vienna. "The idea of ​​putting a land on the silver tray so that others can use it does not correspond to my patriotic basic feeling," Juncker said at a trade union conference in the Austrian capital. He urged the Austrians to use the elections to the European Parliament on Sunday "to turn their backs on the right risk".

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