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After Bern fought or beaten away – News Zurich: Region

As tense and endless as 1995 was the tension in the Cantonal Election Center yesterday. Damals then became the current government judge Jacqueline Fehr (SP) as a national justice in bed – and waited as a replacement woman. Yesterday, the worst results in the national council elections thanks to the calculations of chief statistician Peter Moser are ready at 14.20 clock. Surprisingly: the losses of the SP and the Vorwärtssprunge von Grünen and GLP. Moser forecasts a "green wave" early in the afternoon.

But was it with the SP, who was able to hold some masses in the cantrate elections in the election, only lost in the election questions, yesterday, but massive? Today's SP government spokeswoman Jacqueline Fehr says, "As a member of the oldest environmental party, I am glad that the environment has won overall." Has the absenteeism trend been too easy on the social liberals? Are these scanty to the Green or to GLP over? The former Winterthur SP city councilor Yvonne Beutler softly diplomatic: "The Glanzresultat of Daniel Jositsch as the standard for me is also a recognition of his social liberal courses."

Constructed faces: The SP Co-Presidents Andreas Daurù (left) and Priska Seiler Graf take the election defeat to the knowledge. Image: Michele Limina

For SP Co-President Priska Seiler Graf who is re-elected as a second-place sovereign, because the shipments are "no directional choice". The SP lost four voter percentages to the Greens, not to the GLP. Also, Andreas Daurù the other SP co-president, did not want either a Galladé or a Free Effect ( Daniel Frei and Chantal Galladé were from the Delete SP transferred to the Green Liberals). "Green links choose social and left solidarity," softly Daurù. This proves the good result of the Green Standing Candidate Marionna Schlatter . Those co-workers and co-workers had consciously elected Marionna Schlatter and not the many well-known founding liberal and domestic national law Tiana Angelina Moser .

Directional election or no ̵

1; until the last vote, it was unclear at the SP whether the fellow comrades Martin Naef – ever former party president and sole hope bearer – and / or airport politician Thomas4 the left city governor's cantons Céline Widmer about the Klinge jumping mice. At the last moment, townsman Martin Naef nor the rumored Thomas Hardegger – yet again, 250 votes were cast by Céline Widmer. With "Stadt und Frau" you can also write the Grosswetterlage at the SP.

A mountain and valley ride experienced the CVP until the last vote counted. Despite a 0.22 percent voting gain, CVP lost the previous second seat of Kathy Riklin to the founding Liberals in the list connection. It was bad luck for Cantonal President Nicole Barandun who at the last moment Josef Wiederkehr over 500 votes, but remained second to the sovereign Philipp Kutter . Kathy Riklin, incidentally, as the top candidate for the Christian Social Association did not have the slightest chance of a seat.

At the SVP, the seat for Claudio Zanetti was already in the afternoon; he was clearly back. He trusts his election with the case. "Whether with or without Zanetti it is not bad for Switzerland," he softly. Much more shocked, he said, about the election of the voluntary Trade Union Directors Hans-Ulrich Bigler . "This is an unmistakable signal against the Swiss economy." As the main reason for his election, Zanetti said his own opinion, for example against the prohibition of concealment. "If you have the choice between your own opinion and the National Council mandate, the foreign readings are clear."

After four years is final: SVP National Council Claudio Zanetti (left) is elected. Picture: Boris Müller

At the ballot center, Bonmot soon made the speech, Zanetti himself tweeted from the National Council. One interesting These put SVP-Kantonsrat Hans-Peter Amrein on: «Only with Facebook and Twitter do not let themselves win electoral battles. At the SVP electorate, there is a need for candidates and candidates who crunch their sleeves, on the streets and among the people. ”These, say Amrein, explain the poor cut of Dauertwitterer Zanetti. And the good results of Bauer and "Musterschwiegersohn" Martin Hübscher of these farmer colleagues Martin Haab but also of only 28-year-old Benjamin Fischer or ] Nina Fehr Düsel who was supported in the election of Vater Hans Fehr .

Valentin Landmann made the SVP 11500 votes on the 55plus list – only about a tenth of them, his colleagues were on the normal list – and remains Canton council. Christoph Mörgeli elected for four years, as long as the comeback is not. They will be returned from 15. Listplatz on rank 20.

At the FDP, the 25-year city governor overthrew Andri Silberschmidt the long time before I was ranked Martin Farner from Stammheim at the very last moment – thanks to the final votes cast City of Zurich. "I am overwhelmed, full of wind – this election I would never expect," softly the still-president of the Virgin Switzerland. He had left out of the eighth list space out of nothing but Farner, but also Gewerbeverbansdirektor Hans-Ulrich Bigler . This soft: "I have been consistent in my beliefs and have not been enslaved for this National Council mandate."

Have reason to celebrate: The GLP Co-Presidents Corina Gredig (right) and Nicola Forster (middle) as well as the newly elected National Council Jörg Mäder (left). Image: Boris Müller

The greens were quite sensational – and overwhelming to themselves. Newly elected Marionna Schlatter repeat teacher Katharina Prelicz-Huber and the 27-year-old Neu-Kantonsrätin Meret Schneider . After the retreat of Thomas Weibel the founding Liberals also celebrated four new members: Corina Gredig, Jörg Mäder Barbara Schaffner and Judith Bellaïche

Doppelt schwer met Abwahl the former BDP-Nationalrätin Rosmarie Quadranti . She has to cease for eight years in Bern. And with your party it goes downhill for ten years after the founding. Even in the cantons council she has not been more represented since the spring. "The BDP will continue to exist, and we are not thinking of a merger at the moment," Quadranti said. "I'm right with pride that BDP has made itself a good name in Bern as a bridge builder."

The elected BDP-Kantonsrat Marcel Lenggenhager had an interesting job yesterday. He led with SVP-Cantonment Council Pierre Dalcher a twin group of US-American and Canadian state parliamentarians – from Mississippi to Hawaii – through all stages of the election: from Urnenschlitz in HB over the counting center in circles 4 + 5 to the TV Studios in the Election Center. "Most of the time, she was surprised to find out we were still on hand," Dalcher said. That is why counting is at odds with most of us – as opposed to the United States with your punch card systems.


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