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After 9 Days – Maurer holt 6. X-Alps Siege in Follow – Sport

After 9 days – Maurer holt 6. X-Alps Siege – Sport – SRF

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Search engine pilot Chrigel Maurer is on Monday in Monaco only – if Sieger succeeds on 9th X-Alps.

 Chrigel Maurer 2018 in Action. "Title =" Chrigel Maurer 2018 in action. "Width =" 1 "height =" 1 "srcset =" https://www.srf.ch/static/cms/images/160w /859d73.jpg 160w, https://www.srf.ch/static/cms/images/320w/859d73.jpg 320w, https://www.srf.ch/static/cms/images/480w/859d73.jpg 480w, https://www.srf.ch/static/cms/images/640w/859d73.jpg 640w, https://www.srf.ch/static/cms/images/960w/859d73.jpg 960w, https: //www.srf.ch/static/cms/images/1280w/859d73.jpg 1280w "sizes =" (min-width: 790px) 790px, 100vw "src =" https://www.srf.ch/static/ cms / images / 640w / 859d73.jpg "/> </div>
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Chrigel Maurer 2018 in Action.

Keystone / Archiv

The hottest and longest Gleitschirm-stretches are touted by an imprisonment of Chrigel Maurer. The nobler breeds the barely 2,000 effective Strecke in 9 days, 3 hours, 6 minutes and 11 seconds.

The last 50 kilometers of mushrooms weigh young people with green grasses in Fuss – at temperatures of over 35 ° C. it was so far: One week after the start in Salzburg, Maurer met sixth. Including 6th. As X-Alps sail on the Plateau Peille, 700 meters above sea level Monaco, only

«Mine Carp and my team have worked hard, ”says 36-year-old in soul. "I'm so happy, told you here. There is one wholesale choice.

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