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After 25 hours in the wheel, he goes exhausted – News Panorama: Human Interest

The Swiss acrobat Freddy Nock has improved his own record in the dead roads. He climbed out of the bike in Zofingen in Canton Aargau in front of hundreds of spectators on Sunday after 25 hours and immediately immediately exposed to exhaustion on the ground.

He felt pain and happiness, Nock said in an interview to the organizers of a Powerman Contest published on Facebook. "It was the last bicycle record," said the 53-year-old. He had wanted to give up three times: after eleven hours, after sixteen hours and about five and a half hours before the end.

Six-year-old son with him

An impeller consists of two large metal wheels more than two meters above. They look like Rhönrads, but are mounted on a frame and rotate by the artists' weight permanently around the frame's shoulder. The second wheel was exchanged with Nock athletes at a Kung Fu school.

Nock was originally with his six year old son Leo. The boy was different from his father secured with safety belts. He had at least temporarily wanted to be there, said Nock.

He was on the wheel of the disc

Nock and Joey Kelly of the band The Kelly Family had a record teleton released in 2006 24 hours on the wheel. This is in the Guinness Book of Records: the two covered 1

35.4 kilometers and the wheel circled 9088 times. Whether the new entry should be in Guinness Book and he met all the necessary conditions, Nock left first at the beginning.

Nock ran out on the bike when he did 24 hours on Sunday afternoon and put the old post. From the speakers came the song "Y.M.C.A." of Village People from 1978 with the line: "Young man, do not feel bad" (Young man, it does not need to feel down).

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