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Advantage Noser – News Zurich: Region

On paper the thing would be clear. At the second Senate election on November 17 Ruedi Noser enjoys public support. He is the former, nationally known, the economy behind him, the trade, the homeowner, the Zurich Construction Association. Another point: four years ago, he won the second round of voting, although on the right with Hans-Ueli Vogt he was still an opponent who sucked votes.

Just: Four years ago, climate change was not. And not a women's strike. And there was no Marionna Schlatter as a candidate, the young green party president, who convinced 95 142 voters during the first affair.

The starting point can be divided into two questions. First, how big is the potential voter for a candidate, a candidate? Second, how well can this base be mobilized?

Schlatter is at a disadvantage in the first question. It has less institutional support, its support comes mainly from the SP and the Greens. However, it is unclear who the green liberals are behind. If they support Schlatter, their base grows to the middle.

The second question: The second vote is usually mobilized less strongly. Although the vote will take place in the city of Zurich on November 1

7, it is not an issue that would attract voters in the masses. But Marionna Schlatter has an important advantage: she is a candidate for the moment, she has momentum, the political leadership. With her fiery heat.

But the bourgeois firewalls are massive. And SVP has just strengthened them.

Created: 24.10.2019, 22:08

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