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According to the study: the contraceptive pill can protect against Covid-19

According to the study: the contraceptive pill can protect women from Covid-19


A British study has now found that high estrogen levels can have a protective effect against Covid-19.

In recent months, it has become increasingly clear that women are less likely to be affected by the new coronavirus than men. Their courses are also milder and they die much less often from the disease. Researchers at King’s College London have now published new research in which they claim to have found an explanation for this phenomenon.

Birth control pills can have protective effects against the coronavirus

In May and June, King’s College London conducted a study of more than half a million women to check whether estrogen levels affected the coronavirus. It was previously known that the sex hormone interacts with the immune system in different ways. For example, it should affect how many immune cells are produced and how they respond to infections.

As part of the study, the researchers discovered that women before menopause with higher estrogen levels had less difficult courses with COVID-19 compared to women of the same age who had already gone through menopause. When comparing a group of younger women taking birth control pills with a group not taking birth control pills, they also found that there were less serious cases of Covid among women taking birth control pills. This suggests that hormones in birth control pills may provide some protection against Covid-19. Further research is really needed to expand our knowledge, ”says Dr Karla Lee, the author of the study.

This is why not only men are more affected by infections, but also women in the age group 45 to 50. After menopause, estrogen levels drop significantly.

Enjoy results with caution

Although the results are very positive at first, we must also be aware that birth control pills are no guarantee that you will not get the virus. There is still a lot of research to be done to further investigate the effect of estrogen on the virus. The London study showed up first that there is a link between estrogen levels and Covid-19. How exactly this looks now must be investigated scientifically.

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