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Above disturbance: UPC customers were getting more and more happy – if they did not respond

UPC catches up with said top prices in the trick box. Image: KEYSTONE

You just wanted to call UPC if you didn't read the last letter

That customers had UPC Obtaining a visible, unsustainable letter from the cable network operators. In this, better products for the Internet and TV show were added, which made it hook up.

Luana Rossi, Andreas Möckli / Switzerland this week

So in the letter: "Get more money for better payments!" is straightforward, not coincidental in any case. For true Hinsehen, it is clear that UPC can upgraded its customers to old pricing power ̵

1; once offering the old bundle to a higher price.

Together, consumers are now turning options for the combination of Internet, TV and network for choice. The customer is asked until the end of a month. If there is no customer, UPC will automatically cancel the existing receipt on Option. Speaking: Easily deals with the worst and worst earliest was a look at the review in the letter. The earliest option for contention is mainly the perpetual requirements, costing just about every month of the francs more like bishops.

Unsuspecting customers should therefore be more than just frenzy for the good product. Only when they became active and one of the other options would be available, they get the better operating conditions – in case there are any option options for the old price.

UPC community forum is missing a customer Customer:

image: watson [19659011] "Cousin customer friendly"

The Foundation for Consumer Protection criticizes the UPC. " It's generally cousin unfamiliar, the top of the customers with the remaining response to the worst Option circumvention transactions ," said André Bähler, still for politics and economy. Zudem said consumer protection was on the verge of being able to become active if he wanted to. "This is a method that is particularly troubled by telecommunications companies," says Bähler.

Customers may have one Monet time, for one of the claims made available, hold UPC on request. "If he still has 30 days to make a cousin, we were somebody on one of the quoted migrants," one speaker said. If you would like to have another copy of your request, you can do it.

Some cases have been reported as "Standard Option" to clear your solution, which may result from administrative and logistical considerations for customers.

(Switzerland this week)

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Herr Swantee, was that Fusion with UPC the customers?

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