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About 200 American soldiers are left in Syria

The US government is deteriorating its statements on the recall of troops in Syria. 200 American soldiers are expected to remain in the civil war.

In January, Donald Trump proclaimed victory over the Islamic state and the return of all American troops from Syria. Experts disagree with the US president and said it is still "dangerous".

The White House is now leaving the scene: A small group of "about 200" soldiers should remain in Syria for some time, spokesman Sarah Sanders said in the White House on Thursday.

The Turnaround doesn't come as a surprise: Since its announcement, the US President took the squad back over and over again. Allied states, as well as representatives of Trump's Republicans, believe that a complete recall is premature.

USA between the Kurds and Turkey

The United States supports the Kurdish YPG militia in northern Syria in the fight against the Israeli state (IS). The Kurds are concerned that the US is being revoked for a Turkish offensive on Syria. Turkey, on the other hand, considers YPG as a terrorist organization and has announced its intention to crush it.

Previous Thursday, Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had talked to each other about the situation in Syria. The two heads of state agreed to continue working on setting up a security zone in northern Syria, said the US Presidential Office. Both countries have been working for some time to create such a zone in northern Syria.

This would be at the expense of the Kurds who are at war with Turkey. The United States, on the other hand, is morally engaged in the Kurds, who have contributed greatly to the military defeat of the terrorist network IS. The conversation continues on Friday at the Ministry of Defense and armed forces. (SDA) [19659012]
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