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9 streaming services that will make life difficult for Netflix (and you)

These 9 streaming services make life difficult for Netflix (and you)

In the fall of 2014, Netflix came to Switzerland and finally promised to put a stop to file sharing. Five years later, the disillusionment is great: Each movie studio feels like it is launching its own streaming service.

In the beginning we had to settle a monthly subscription of about 15 francs to get a wide selection, this sum is quickly added up three to four times.

In this overview, we show you the greatest services that shape the flowing landscape over the next few years. You also get a rough idea of ​​how the various streaming services are intertwined with movie studios and sometimes even intertwined.

Most importantly, you will learn what it means for the Netflix offering.

Prime Video

With its offer, Amazon is Prime Video for a long time. Still, the group wasn't really a competition for Netflix. Amazon has offered Prime Video rather by the way, many movies and series were not available in flatrate, but only as an on-demand video. Prime Video was simply one of the countless offers that Amazon had in its program to acquire customers.

It has changed suddenly over the last two or three years. Amazon wants to get rid of streaming cake and invests heavily in its own content. You want to attract users especially with thriller series, fantasy and science fiction.

The group is taking unthinkable money to secure the rights to popular franchise books and books. Amazon has paid $ 250 million just to license a Lord of the Rings series. The same amount is invested in production. For the movie rights to the sci-fi trilogy "Solaris", the US company is said to have paid up to a billion.

Prime Video coming to Switzerland?

Prime Video is already available in Switzerland ̵

1; if you will. However, currently only own productions are available, all other films and series are blocked for licensing reasons. Amazon does not seem to have much interest in actively engaging in the Swiss market at the moment.

What does this mean for Netflix?

Prime Video does not have much impact on Netflix offers. Amazon has to buy movies and comics that they didn't produce themselves, just like Netflix. Only exclusive deals with Amazon occasionally allow Netflix to go through the bill. Of course, the same vice versa applies. So Amazon, like Netflix, is more likely to lose if studios choose to offer their content exclusively on their own streaming services in the future.


Amazon attacks Netflix on two fronts. While prime video with high-profile productions to attract customers who are willing to pay, a second streaming service from the free culture covers. With IMDB TV, Amazon launched a streaming service at the beginning of the year, funded only by advertising. Customers do not have to pay for a subscription, but – depending on the program – have six to twelve ad units above them. The downside is, if you like, that the platform mainly has older movies and series in the program.

Will IMDB TV come to Switzerland?

Amazon announced in June that it would be available in Europe 2019 making wool available. In which countries did the group maintain its own business. However, there is not much left from 2019 and so far the service in Europe is scarce.

What does this mean for Netflix?

IMDB TV will hardly cause Netflix any headache. The platform must license movies in the same way as Netflix and is mainly limited to older titles.

Sky Show

The big competitor to Netflix in Switzerland. Above all, the Sky Show can stand the exclusive rights of the HBO series and regularly produce originals with the American flagship. But Sky Show will probably lose the HBO series sooner or later, as HBO parent company Warner Media with HBO Max itself enters the streaming market. (See paragraph 5).

It is unfavorable for Netflix to acquire Sky in September 2018 from Comcast, the largest US cable operator. Comcast includes Hollywood studio universal, NBC TV station and Dreamworks animation studio. This makes it very likely that titles from the portfolio for these three companies will disappear on Netflix.

Will Sky Show Go to Switzerland?

The service has been in Switzerland since spring 2019.

What does it mean? Netflix?

So far, Sky Show has not been a problem for Netflix in terms of delivery. Although it was annoying that the Sky Show had exclusive new HBO series, but aside from the limited Sky Show, the Netflix offer did not.

But that will probably change in the future. Sky's acquisition of Comcast makes it very likely that Sky will receive exclusive movies and series from the Comcast family. Since Universal, Dreamworks and NBC are among the veterans in their respective industries, they also have many well-known and well-received titles in their portfolio.

Some Universal and Dreamworks Animation films:


Hulu – measured by Number of Subscribers – is the third largest streaming service in the United States. Originally, Hulu was the answer from major Hollywood studios on Netflix. Founded in 2008, NBC Universal, Fox Entertainment, Warner Media and Disney held shares in Hulu.

In recent years, however, Disney has bought more and more shares and finally acquired the majority in Hulu through the acquisition of 20th Century Fox. At the same time, NBC Universal, which still holds a small share of the shares, has devoted the entire management to Disney. Hulu is now completely in the (creative) hand of the Mickey Mouse group.

Image: Disney / 20th Century Fox

Disney already has big plans with Hulu. Because Disney Plus is only for the family's content, comics and movies will be offered to an older audience at Hulu. In particular, titles from 20th Century Fox will find a new home on Hulu.

Will Hulu come to Switzerland?

It is still unclear. However, Disney has already announced that they want to expand relatively quickly outside the US with Hulu. The service is expected to start in the first European countries until 2020. But Switzerland is probably not one of the start-up countries – the local streaming market is simply too small for this .

What does this mean for Netflix?

Hulu has been to Netflix so far Directory is not a big problem because Hulu had to license movies as well. And outside the US, there was no Hulu so far. However, with Hulu now owned by Disney and has rights to all of the 20th Century Fox titles, Fox titles are gradually disappearing from Netflix over the next few years. This is not good news for Netflix, since 20th Century Fox owns some of the most popular movie and series. Examples include Alien, Planet of the Apes, Deadpool, X-Men and Avatar.


HBO Max is the next big American rival Netflix must ask soon. Although the name suggests otherwise, the new streaming service will not only include HBO series. But you have to understand that HBO is not an independent station but belongs to the Warner Media Group – and this is huge.

Among other things, the eponymous Warner Bros. studios belong to this company, as well as industry caves such as New Line Cinema, Cinemax, Adult Swim, TNT, Cartoon Network and even CNN. All these studios and broadcasters produce massive films, series and broadcasts and have a correspondingly large number of well-known titles in their portfolio.

A small selection of films belonging to Time Warner:

For example, the "Friends" series will only be available in the future available on HBO Max. But even classics like "Doctor Who", "The Big Bang Theory" or "The Prince of Bel-Air" will be "HBO Max exclusive" – ​​at least in the US. In Europe, at least for the next few years, this should look a little different.

Will HBO Max come to Switzerland?

There is no information yet. HBO Max will be launched in the spring of 2020 in the United States. While there are plans for expansion outside the United States, those responsible will not be able to attract more.

What does this mean for Netflix?

In the US, the launch of HBO Max is surely a big hit for Netflix. In recent years, the streaming service has spent huge sums on licenses for classics like "Friends" just to lose the series now. In Switzerland, this is unlikely to happen so quickly, as Europe often has very different terms and contracts. But by the time these agreements expire, the content of Warner Media Group on Netflix will disappear.


If a streaming service calls itself Peacock, only NBC Universal can put it behind. [19659049] The new vs. the old logo.

image: nbcuniversal

As already mentioned on the Sky Show, NBC Universal is now part of Comcast and they are expanding strongly in the streaming area. Although Sky Stream already has a streaming service, it is only available in Europe and does not reflect the NBC Universal brand.

For example, Comcast has announced its intention to launch its own streaming service. Based on the logo, this carries the name Peacock and should start in 2020. At Peacock, not only titles from the previous NBC Universal catalog should be available. Like all other streaming services, they produce originals that are exclusively shown on Peacock in the United States. For example, there will be a "Reboot" in film form of the popular series "Battlestar Galactica."

A small selection of NBC series:

Will the service come to Switzerland?

This is unknown. Especially since it is questioned whether the peacock will ever come to Europe. Why would Comcast struggle to establish a new streaming service when you are already operating with Sky Show?

What does this mean for Netflix?

In the US: All movies and comics from NBC, Universal and Dreamworks disappear from the platform with time. This also happens in Switzerland, but not because of the peacock, but because Comcast will probably only make its titles available for Sky Show. (More under point 3). For some series, Netflix also has exclusive rights outside the United States

Disney +

It's no secret anymore: On November 12, 2019, the Mouse Group launches its own, family-friendly streaming service with Disney Plus. There, all known brands in the group will be available. Essentially, these include Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic, as well as Disney movies.

In addition to the well-known titles, Disney also produces films and series that only appear on Disney Plus. For example, a remake of a new movie of "Susi and Strolch" or "Star Wars" series "The Mandalorian."

Will Disney Plus come to Switzerland?

Yes. The question is just when. At the beginning of November 12, Disney Plus will be available in the Netherlands, which is considered an ideal test country for Europe. Right now, we very much assume that Disney Plus will be launched in Switzerland next year.

What does this mean for Netflix?

Previously, we already knew massively what Disney Plus means to Netflix: Not only did Little by little dispose of Disney movies from the platform, and the Marvel series was also set in the middle. Therefore, the biggest effect is already over. Some Disney titles may continue to be found on Netflix due to ongoing contracts. The question is just how long.

These well-known films and series are new Disney

Apple TV +

The Apple company is increasingly becoming a service provider, and that of course includes its own streaming service. But Apple goes a different way than the competition. The strategy is: few in-house productions, but they are of very high quality. There is no need for third party titles to make Apple TV Plus look like another streaming service.

Will Apple TV Plus come to Switzerland?

Yes. The service starts on November 1 in 100 countries around the world – including in Switzerland. In the beginning, seven series will be available. Apple TV Plus can be accessed via app or URL – and not just on Apple devices.

What does this mean for Netflix?

Apple TV Plus has no control over the Netflix product range. All of the shows featured on Apple are new productions that were previously unavailable elsewhere. More interesting is how Apple's quality standards affect the number of Netflix subscribers. Netflix must already accept reputation for producing a lot of junk. These people could win Apple for themselves – especially since Apple only requires six francs a month. When you buy new hardware, Apple TV Plus is free. At least for one year.

BBC / Discovery

Also in England you play on various streaming services. The one that most likely interests us (or concerns us) is the product of the BBC-Discovery Channel collaboration.

Together, the companies want to launch a pure documentary streaming service. So far, however, it is not even known, as it is called. Still, this is an interesting project, as specialized streaming services are likely to emerge in the coming years.

Will the streaming service come to Switzerland?

As you may have guessed, this is still unclear.

What does this mean for Netflix?

The BBC and Discovery Channel project is unlikely to please Netflix. Especially from the BBC, Netflix has a number of documentaries, including the well-known documentary "Planet Earth". In the future, Netflix's documentary portfolio will also be thinned.

Netflix is ​​well aware of this and tries to counter it by showing the elaborate documentary "Our Planet."


In summary, it can be held that over the next few years it will be much more difficult to flow. Although Netflix may have exclusive rights to titles from competing providers outside the United States, many films and series will disappear from the platform.

But the many new streaming services are just a stopover on the way to another unknown streaming future. It is very likely that the flowing landscape will change a lot. Not all services will last. Others can come together in streaming alliances, just like Netflix and Sky Ticket in Germany.

In the end, the consumer will probably look into the tube, which instead of a comprehensive offer will always be presented with new suppliers. So you will eventually settle for a favorite provider or simply start downloading the content from other sources. As a reminder: In Switzerland, illegal streaming platforms are still allowed.

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