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2026 Olympic Games take place in Milan and Cortina

20 years after Turin, the Winter Games will be held again in Western Europe for the first time. Milan / Cortina's application is against Stockholm's Swedish candidacy and is in the election of voting IOC members with 47:34.

  Thomas Bach's chairman at 134 Session of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne. (Image: Jean-Christophe Bott / Keystone)

President Thomas Bach at the 134th Session of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne. (Image: Jean-Christophe Bott / Keystone)

(sda / dpa) · At the end there were only two left. The number once possible seven candidates for XXV. Olympic winter games have shrunk steadily over the past few months leaving only two candidates voted by the voting IOC members on Monday: Stockholm, hosting the 1912 Summer Games and the 1956 Equestrian Games, with the Are ski resort and Milan with Cortina d & # 39; Ampezzo.

Also, the Swiss OS had a candidacy in the eye. Sion should go to the final analysis after a Grison's application that failed for the 2022 Winter Games in a cantonal referendum. But the project Zion 2026, which included the canton of Friborg, Bern, Vaud and Graubünden, was also rejected at the urn. Almost 54 percent of the people in Valais rejected a loan of CHF 100 million over a year ago.

The Italian application, which benefited from the IOC evaluation report, is led by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and former ski sport Alberto Tomba into the competition. For games in Milan, the necessary infrastructure is already available most of the time. In addition, the vast majority of the population supports the candidate. The Swedes were finally divided on the question of whether they should organize Olympia. Only 55 percent of them were for an IOC study.

For Italy, this is the fourth Olympic Games after the 1956 Winter Games in Cortina and 2006 in Turin and the 1960 Summer Games in Rome. The local organizing committee in Milan / Cortina, which has a budget of about 1.4 billion euros, receives a good 800 million francs from the International Olympic Committee to host the 2026 Winter Games. The opening ceremony will be held at the legendary San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. The closing ceremony will take place in the Roman amphitheater in Verona.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini spoke of a "historic day" and a "victory for all Italians. With the winter games, we will prove to the world our excellence and our abilities," says the leader of the right Lega.

The events in Milan and the mountain sports facilities 400 kilometers are, however, a weak point, and it is also criticized that alpine skiing for men and women should take place in different places, which can lead to higher costs and logistical difficulties.A new canal in Cortina must be built for about 50 million, should not wear the Olympic budget.

Despite the support of Crown Princess Victoria and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at the session, Stockholm with Are and a sustainable Olympic plan in Land by young environmental activist Greta Thunberg did not find a majority in the IOC. , as the Swedish government does not want to conditionally grant to the IOC, should have contributed as well .

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