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20 minutes – "You don't have to be ashamed to put on makeup"

Presenter Barbara Schöneberger posted a video on the Instagram page for her magazine "Barbara" a few days ago. In it she goes to men who wear makeup. The video says, "Men's makeup? It's over eventually!"


What do you think of men wearing makeup?

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Prominent Germans have no sympathy for Barbara Schöneberger's views. (Video: Wibbitz / 20 minutes)

"Men, please don't," says the 45-year-old in a short clip. The reason: She wants the man to remain a man. Covers dark circles and sprays with perfume, Schöneberger goes too far – face cream is good though. There will be a lot of criticism for his statements, more than 30,000 comments collected during the post.

What do Swiss men think of Schöneberger's post? What do you think about men and makeup? We asked three celebrities with make-up experience.

This year Kenny Leemann (23) graduated from Bachelorette Andrina Santoro (27) and dusted off the last rose there. The architecture student says he has already used his sister's make-up to hide stains – especially when self-assured behavior was required.

Cover powder and dark circles are standard for photography and TV appearances. "I don't want to see shit next to my stupid words," Kenny says.

For two nights with roses, the Zurich man also experimented with mascara, he says. He thought the "Jack Sparrow feeling" was cool. Zur Zürcher says of Barbara's statements: "Talking about the outside of others in public should be taboo anyway." Whether or not with makeup, it is important, according to the "Bachelorette" winner, to feel good: "You don't have to be ashamed to wear makeup. »

" Makeup should be just as accepted with boys as soccer shoes, "says beauty pageant Brian Havarie (19). He thinks Schöneberger's video is "dangerous". Especially parents belonging to Barbara's followers can be affected by it and force their child "into old roles". "If she was looking for a partner, it would be different – everyone should have her preferences. In the video, she generalizes what it means to be a man," Brian said.

Bernesen with 162,000 subscribers on Instagram is an expert in the field – as an influencer he is dedicated to the subject of beauty. "Meanwhile, conservative luxury brands are also picking up makeup for men. But it wasn't until long ago that I barely dared to buy a concealer for my first pimples." question the word "equal rights" again. "

Of course, Barbara Schöneberger should be able to express her opinion publicly." But she must also expect it to be headwind, "says the influencer and artist Elay Neal Moses (23). Barbara likes men "Unfortunately, it seems like she makes fun of men who make up," says Elay.

Zurich with more than 30,000 followers rarely travels to make-up, for example when visiting events or looking fit after a night of drinking – for the same reason that women would make up. "It's important to me that it looks natural, but that's just my taste," she said.

It is clear to Elay: "Man is man – no matter how he dresses or paints on his face." In addition, men had already made themselves in ancient Rome or Egypt: "It is a phenomenon of our time , that makeup is considered feminine. This is now more and more broken. »


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