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20 Minutes – Who is the most demanding monster in "Fortnite"?

Everything has started, however, that the Fuss des Berges Polar Peak requires us to slow down. Underneath the broken eggshell one Auge zum Vorschein, watching the Spieler watched. Danaus is a complete use of the monsters, the plain ones being Fussabdrücke des Monsters.


Whoever plays "Fortnite"?

For a break, a huge stretch of the Eisberges is broken. Then the Monster – with the castle of the Polar Peak on the backpacks – is hauled in water outside the map.

Was the monster for us?

That speculation slots on top of it all and the whole community is right there, Well, you've got the Monster on the game. Most think that the memory up to the end of Season 9 still causes disturbance.

Also think of the "Fortnite" player that starts with Season 1

0 a large Live Event is given. It was possible to find the rocks on the map and the collars. Since the season is still about five weeks long, it is possible, and the Gamer would still have some surprises.

Trailer to the neighbors «Fortnite» -Season. (Video: Epic Games)

* nicik_01 (17) and Joshua Cruiser (15) regularly jump from "Battle-Bus" at "Fortnite". For 20 minutes they wrote about the game.

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