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20 minutes – The sadness of Dr. Einzig sits deep

The native Jamaican, known by the name of Dr. Einzig, died of an epileptic seizure on Tuesday after only 35 years. The sadness of those involved is deep. A friend of Gwerder posted on Facebook a photo of me, to which he writes: "You have been in my heart forever and ever. For almost two months, you have made it my best friend. Rest in peace. "

A good handball player

In his youth, Dr. Einzig played at Muotathaler Verein KTV and felt positive:" You noticed that he hated others' blood, "said former junior coach Hubert Gwerder. Movement technically he said very well. Dr Einzig has talent and the potential for a professional handball player, Gwerder explains.

After a few years, Dr. Einzig made a brief handball break, then said to return to the pitch. His junior coach had always known as a childish child: "He has taken his sunny temper from Jamaica with his Muathathal."

Epilepsy said not deadly

According to the website of the Swiss Epilepsy League, epi are almost one percent of Affected population of epilepsy. Around two-thirds of them say thanks to medication-free seizures.

Epilepsy itself should not be fatal. Through an epileptic seizure, the affected person should be exposed at any time, which could lead to death.


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