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20 minutes – That's what big ticket companies do

You can turn and turn as you please: The space is barely calculated on the plane. Between 40 and 45 centimeters wide is an economy class seat on average. It is not enough for some passengers. But how do airlines solve the problem that heavily overweight passengers use more than their own seat? And what can obese passengers do?


Should overweight passengers buy two air tickets?

"There is currently no uniform regulation for managing such air passengers," said Lukas von Zittwitz, spokesman for the Airhelp passenger assistant portal. One reason for this may be that such a rule would be discriminatory.

Not obligatory for Swiss and Lufthansa

The airline Switzerland explains on request, in principle, problems with heavily overweight passengers will occur relatively infrequently. "Heavily overweight passengers pre-book for their own good second place," said spokesman Meike Fuhlrott. "However, a regulation or obligation in this respect does not exist."

Lufthansa has similar: In the parent company of Swiss passengers, it is also not necessary to reserve a second place. Not even with low cost airline Ryanair, as Travelbook writes. The travel portal has been requested by various European airlines.

KLM and Easyjet settle for the second seat

However, there are also some airlines that have introduced a special regulation for heavily overweight passengers: KLM and Easyjet require that passengers move outside their own seat because of their mass Partially, the neighbor's chair claims to book two places. For both airlines, who need more than one seat, the second place must pay the usual tariff.

Air France also strongly recommends overweight to reserve two places. In Economy Class, they get a 25 percent discount on the second place. If the flight is not fully booked, the passengers will even receive the full amount for the second place.

Airlines offer seat belt extension

And how do airlines react when there is a very tough passenger at the gate who has only booked a seat? "If such a case occurs, try to find an individual solution, for example by placing the overweight passenger at check-in so that the nearby seat is free," says Swiss spokesman Fuhlrott.

Most airlines also offer their obese passengers an extension for The regular belt, if necessary, is the only exception being the Business Class seat belts in Dreamliner on Thai Airways are now equipped with airbag that cannot be extended.

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