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20 minutes – Swiss in confused condition

The brief disappearance of a Swiss tourist in Agrigento in Sicily is particularly puzzling to the police. The 20-year-old, who was on holiday alone in the region, sent a voice message to a friend on Tuesday morning asking for help.

In the message, the tourist said that she had breakfast in a bar. A man then tried to kidnap her. The strange woman almost grabbed her with both hands.

Woman shows up near the beach

According to local media, the colleague then warned the Italian police, who in turn turned to the people. With a photo the colleague had sent to the authorities, the officials searched for clues.

A few hours later, on early Tuesday afternoon, the missing Swiss girl was found at Scala dei Turchi in the southern city. She had been in a confused state and was very scared, reports the news portal La Sicilia.

The authorities have launched an investigation. According to the first results, sexual violence is not excluded. The search for the alleged kidnappers has so far failed.

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