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20 minutes – Software reads Bancomat to utter all notes

The number of Jackpotting cases has been rising worldwide. See searches from the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR) and the US tech magazine Motherboard.vice.com. In jackpotting, these bancomats were manipulated in such a way that the dispenser issued the money order without deduction.


How often do you use Bancomats? There were 36 cases in Berlin. By 2019, Zahl is lying down, reports the BR. By the end of September, 22 cases were counted. An advancement is registered in the United States, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

"Cutlet roasting"

The thief uses the special jackpotting damage software. This will usually be stored directly via a USB connection in the machine. Cyber ​​criminals sell the software on Darknet for more than a thousand dollars.

One thing, says Motherboard.vice.com, is called Cutlet Maker. If the malware runs, you will see a more comical cookie on the bancomat. In English, the message appears: "Hohoho, let's fry a couple of cutlets." It said a wordplay, explains the Tech magazine. In Russian, mean cutlet is not just a piece of meat, but also a bundle of money.

Damages in millions of highs

Many cases are in the public domain. Thus, the State Prosecutor's Office in North Rhine-Westphalia is currently investigating in ten cases. "In total, the amount of damages in the process is worth more than 1

.4 million euros," spokeswoman Christoph Hebbecker told the BR. The investigators believe that a group is responsible for all deeds.

Also known in Switzerland, the machine is known, explains Cathy Maret, media spokeswoman for the Federal Police for the Fedpol Police. However, the extent of this is significantly lower. "In the last few years, there have been a handful of attempts and a successful Jackpotting case," said Maret.

Possible effective protection of the automata said, an IT expert told BR. So the access to the Windows level had to be logged off. Furthermore, it must be prevented that such programs could be executed. And besides, the operator has to play new security patches as quickly as possible.

The IT security expert Barnaby Jack pointed out at the Black Hat Hackers Conference in 2010 the first time to use his Jackpotting method.


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