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20 minutes – Skeleton Sea Dead brings new puzzles

High in the Indian Himalayas lies the only 40 meter Roopkund lake. The waters have a dark secret. Hundreds of old human skeletons lie on the banks.

The skeleton was discovered in 1942 by a forest worker. Since then, the puzzle in the Indian state of Uttarakhand has employed many researchers. Archaeologists concluded that the dead travelers were fatally injured by a hailworm.

Dead from the Mediterranean

During World War II, the British feared that they might be Japanese soldiers planning an invasion.

Another topic was a local legend: A king and his wife shot the mountain goddess Nanda Devi – with deadly consequences for the following.

Skeleton Lake

However, new DNA analyzes show that humans did not die with a one-time event. Instead, there are up to a thousand years between them. The results from Harvard University and Hyderabad Research Center make it clear that a group of these dead were from the Mediterranean ̵

1; thousands of miles from the lake.

The cause of death remains unclear

David Reich of Harvard University says, "The inevitable question is how migrants in the eastern Mediterranean with a very atypical descent profile for this region came here and died there." The researcher continued, "These results show that the skeleton in Roopkund Lake is at least two separate events must have died."

The cause of death of more than 600 people is still unclear. end brought here and how they died is still unclear. We hope that the first investigation will be followed by many more to clarify these issues. "

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