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20 minutes – SBB Interregion drives again with open door

"I am next to the door and made sure that no one, especially any child, was nearing the door," said Berner Beat, dubbed "20 Minutes." It was last Thursday against 19 hours in an interregion from Geneva Airport in the direction of Lausanne on the way, when he discovered the open car door. According to ihm, she had not closed this at the exit and was open at full speed for about 15 minutes.


Did you drive with the ÖV?

Then one controller came to close the door. According to Berner, it was possible: "I also naturally thought of the other instances of the same kind with which SBB is confronted in recent times." one week. In addition to the technical defect that occurred between Geneva and Nyon on November 1

, the same day remained open in one train in Aargau. In the latter case, a car of the type Unit IV was involved. This wagon type has been criticized since a fatal accident beginning August. Damals did not work properly. The train attendant Bruno R. is clamped in Baden and dragged over several hundred meters. It is reinforced.

The SBB, which confirms the malfunctions on "20 Minutes", indicates that at the exit "a guitar worker on the train steeple saw that one of the doors was opened halfway. He immediately called for the train staff to stop and close the train station shortly after leaving the train. ”The train could then continue its further journey. "One investigation will be taken," he continues. At the time, it was unclear whether the Defect had any technical cause.

SBB emphasizes that they currently have no security problem

"In these cases, the trains were systematically taken from the track and under complete control", explains media spokesman Jean-Philippe Schmidt. The results of the examinations are not yet known. Schmidt emphasizes that these secluded locking systems look different.

However, despite the ancestry, it is, according to the SBB, too early to draw conclusions. On the question of whether or not a vehicle for the vehicle exists, Schmidt replies that you keep the situation in mind. «The safety of passengers and staff is at the center. When our investigations reveal a general security problem, we have taken unreasonable measures. ”He stressed, however, that this was not the case at present.


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