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20 minutes – NFL superstar wants to replace $ 1500

Cam Newton is a cabinet from a sportsman: The star cliff in the Carolina Panthers is 1.96 m long and weighs 111 kg. Also, Dortmund's painter Roman Bürki was surprised when he recently stood in front of the football player and shook his paw. "I was almost scared," said 28-year-old Berner.

But not everyone has so much respect for the 30-year-old American, who was recently revealed on a flight from Paris to the United States. Newton, who was in the French capital at Fashion Week (see Insta post below), apparently traveled on a scheduled flight back to his homeland. And he had got a place that massively restricted him in his comfort.

Newton got a basket

So Newton went out to look for a place with more legroom. He also found him. But the passenger sitting there made no move to change places. Not even when Newton offered him $ 1,500 for what Eli Edwards reports, who played the video and published it on Twitter.

Edwards later spoke to CNN and further reported that the passenger, who refused to release its seat, first had asked Newton for its height and then rejected the generous offer.

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