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20 Minutes – More and more children out there as a transgender

Ever younger children were diagnosed as a transgender as a transgender. So, the 5-year-old Luana from Argentina, who is actually like Luca zur Welt. They are presented in a documentary about transgender children.

Protecting children is more likely to diagnose a solid history of sexual dysfunction than in our five years, which "Switzerland amends" this week. Nothing to say is impossible, which tendency is rising. In addition, the children's heututage is a youth, as well as in the past. Often, ready-made Eltern of Primerschülter is looking up. Once again, the Kindergarten is still in children's garden altar.

Jährlich till dogert Fälle

Transgender to said, involved monkey cousin, as junge playing with puppets to wool or as a girl to röcke only. Sexual philosophy tells us that one person is fit to meet other sexually related people and is born with born gender. Creating a separate factor, separating, whether a child is transgender or cognate, is also the guiding principle. So, we can tell that Buben questions, whether or not to fall back during the day or come to the full, to slow down long hair.

The thing that ever reports more transgender children and youth, suggests cousins , that more and more Transgender-Jungees are happening, says Dagmar Pauli, Head of the Child and Youth Psychiatry of the University Clinic of the "Switzerland in the Week". Many of them said that they were trying to protect the youths, talking about them. Our son's years have been home to some pastures, but they have never been told until young boys are reported to Pauli. Today, it is about a hundred.

«We have a time-shift phenomenon in tune»

Alexander Korte, Oberarzt in the Clinic of the University of Munich, according to the basic worlds. In one interview with the "Mirror", he said: "We've been here with an off-the-shelf phenomenon here." The theme said in the trend, then the salesman said today five times so high was 201

3. It pleases the night-time effect. In fact, they have turned their heads and a bobbin, which bless all their own age and originate from those places. "The straightforward one's statistical instincts," he said.

If those inquiries are so stubborn, little is it. In the United States, after a study, 150'000 Teenager was born in false carp. In the United Kingdom there is 2500 every year, while in the year 2010 there were still 97.

Hoher Leidensdruck

This instigation in cases has led, among other things, that Transgender-people cousin had more than psychic sickness werden. There can be no pressure whatsoever about that pressure. Around 70 percent of the Transgender youths suffer from depression, social and self-suffering. That is why Pauli does not appreciate the fact that the young people are weighing up a blurry trend like that in Leiden.

If that transcendent stays on teenagers for a longer period of time, it will remain stable and longer, so you will find puberty-inhibiting or obese massages, say . At children, these people didn't even say anything. It is important to note that a child has a free space and no categories that define his gender.


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