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20 minutes – Luna Wedler is already receiving offers from Hollywood

Luna, you are extremely successful. Will you sometimes be too much?

That comes to me, honestly said nothing. This is simply a by-product of my profession. We go there to realize many projects. But clear, I just keep doing a lot or making presses for my films. However, I am almost never at home. This is sometimes stressful. But if I want some rest, I miss the stress.

Luna Wedler: "Zurich is my hideout"

 Infobox Movie:

Jessica (Luna Wedler) is a young woman who is a uncomplicated life and best prospects for the future. However, if she has one evening before that door, she does not want her to become acquainted with her great love. Your entire worldview is changing and already soon it stands before the most difficult decision of your life. Dann Danny (Jannik Schümann) hides a dark secret. The common future, dreaming of Jessica, is becoming more and more unlikely. However, the 18-year-old believes in Danny and his love and is ready to fight for it. The film is based on Jessica Koch's eponymous bestseller in describing her own story.

Where do you go when you get free?

Meet my family and friends. Besides, I should finally fix my apartment. I was trapped in a new WG in the Zurich Kreis 4.

Why are you not going to Berlin, then all the others?

First stay in Zurich, especially now, because so much is loose. I need this kind of retreat, where my family and friends are. Here I can relax.

Why do you spend your hard earned money?

My friends go to festivals very much. And I'm traveling.

You can pick those roles. Why do you want to make "The Horizon So Close"?

It doesn't strike me as easy to play love and express feelings. That is why I wanted to turn my romance.

In the film, too, but also on a sea of ​​abyss. And yes, yes, Jessica Koch is so passionate. I liked the walk that permeated my figure. Through your experiences, she becomes a naive girl for a strong, self-conscious woman. It was admirable, was she enduring everything and who she was fighting for. Is that what it was like a knight's strike for you? "Biohackers" is also my first series.

Where can you betray us?

Netflix is ​​very strict. Actually, only that the Thriller series will start next year. I assume the role of medical student Mia. I was excited and excited, the folks were saying.

Would you like to play a Swiss movie again?

Unconditional! But then, unfortunately, nothing is more.

Don't you trust anyone, you ask?

I don't believe it. I am yes Swiss and love our films. Maybe the Swiss producers think I have no time. Or too expensive. (laughs) Please dear Swiss, please be glad!

Do you get offers from Hollywood?

There were a few requests, but I unfortunately did not get the roles. It is not my dream to work in America, but if I get the chance to turn the movies, I would naturally not say anything.

"The Horizon So Near" now runs in cinema.


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