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20 minutes – Loredana distracts Mozzik on Instagram

How about the relationship between successful rapper Loredana (24) and her husband Mozzik (24)? The two have still not commented on the separation rumors that have persisted for a few weeks.


What do you think Loredana and Mozzik are still a couple?

But their social media behavior suggests About a separation: Loredana has escaped her husband on Instagram – among the 256 people she subscribed to on the platform, the rapper is no longer there.

The same thing Mozzik did: he no longer follows Loredana. This is a clear indication of a broken relationship in 2019.

Mozzik celebrates Geburi without Lori

Mozzik turns 24 today. There was no public congratulation from Loredana so far ̵

1; she worked and celebrated on Saturday night in Germany with her fellow musicians Pietro Lombardi (27), Dardan (21) and Kay One (35). Then on Sunday she drove back to Switzerland.

The couple's joint posts have been very rare for a while and are always purely advertising purposes. Not so long ago, it was still different: After becoming parents to a daughter in December 2018, they regularly shared insights about their everyday life in Lucerne on Instagram and also liked to pose as a family. There are no such pictures.

"Where were you last night?"

The Insta profile that Loredana and Mozzik have set up for their daughter Hana, all family pictures except for one exception are deleted. There you only see Hana alone, or with one parent at a time.

Loredana also plays on relationship problems with his new music. In her latest hit "Nose" she sings in the chorus: "Where have you been last night, again without me? You promised me that you will never let me lose." Nothing is known about possible causes of the separation

For 2020, Loredana and Mozzik have planned a tour together – and continue to market it. The hit single "Eiskalt" is still in the top 30 in the German and Swiss lists.


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